-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Reader (MCD FF) ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Reader (MCD FF) ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Sad Gay By majestickittycat Completed

Hi readers! This is the remake of my (other) Laurence X Reader. I got rid of it though because I gave up on it. This one will be better! Hope you enjoy! ~Senpai-Kitty

You get chased by a group of Scaleswind guards on your horse. You have many secrets left to be untold to anyone! What will happen next? Pshh! I know! But you don't. Hope you can read more to find out!

Things to look out for...
Y/N = Your Name
H/N = Horse Name
V/N = Village Name
H/C = Hair Color
E/C = Eye color
F/C = Favorite Color
S/F/C = Second Favorite Color

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Fanfic16 Fanfic16 Jun 29, 2017
Zianna isn't evil!! She, Garroth and Vlyad are you only good ones in the Ro'Meave family!!
XxSetsuna_YoshidaxX XxSetsuna_YoshidaxX Aug 21, 2017
Zairine... Zane + Irine= Zairine... HA-HA-HA i'm SOOOOO Funny
starlet_Da_werdio starlet_Da_werdio Oct 20, 2017
destiny my shipping side of me then there my awkward potato side
- - Aug 15, 2016
You know, I won't mind having Aph as a sister-in-law. *Looks at a blushing Garroth*
MistyAphmauRPs MistyAphmauRPs Oct 28, 2016
Destiny is just like my irl friend called Kayla, she ships me with Everyone! Apparently she ships me with a lamp aswell, i'd prefer to be shipped with a TV instead.
ElizabethHamilton635 ElizabethHamilton635 Mar 01, 2017
Why can't I just take the crown off and throw it in a lake or something??