-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Reader (MCD FF) ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Reader (MCD FF) ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Otayuri Trash By Majestickittycat Completed

Hi readers! This is the remake of my (other) Laurence X Reader. I got rid of it though because I gave up on it. This one will be better! Hope you enjoy! ~Senpai-Kitty

You get chased by a group of Scaleswind guards on your horse. You have many secrets left to be untold to anyone! What will happen next? Pshh! I know! But you don't. Hope you can read more to find out!

Things to look out for...
Y/N = Your Name
H/N = Horse Name
V/N = Village Name
H/C = Hair Color
E/C = Eye color
F/C = Favorite Color
S/F/C = Second Favorite Color

BlossomIcypaw BlossomIcypaw Aug 15, 2016
You know, I won't mind having Aph as a sister-in-law. *Looks at a blushing Garroth*
MistyAphmauRPs MistyAphmauRPs Oct 28, 2016
Destiny is just like my irl friend called Kayla, she ships me with Everyone! Apparently she ships me with a lamp aswell, i'd prefer to be shipped with a TV instead.
immasushiroll359 immasushiroll359 Jun 07, 2016
I'm gonna imagine Destiny a Mi'fwa. Ya know, cause she was a cat
MischeifManaged_ MischeifManaged_ Dec 06, 2016
But destiny can't be mah cats name cuz that's mah horses name
CocoaholicMika CocoaholicMika Jul 04, 2016
AHEM VYLAD~SENPAI??? ...oh wait this was probably made before he was introduced
MizaSilver MizaSilver May 09, 2016
This reminds me of how my friends and sister ship me with this guy at my school that I hate with a passion