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Some Vampires Like it Salty

Some Vampires Like it Salty

54.3K Reads 461 Votes 16 Part Story
xanxie By xanxie Updated Jun 17

"Some Vampires Like it Salty" originally called "mermaid+vampire=unheard of" is about a mermaid named Lily, caught up in a war. She has to go and hide in the human world because of a war going on at home. She unexpectedly meets two handsome brothers, Ian and Michael and finds herself falling in love. But her life isn't a fairytale, enemies want the crown and will go to great lengths to steal it from her father, the king. The only certainty is that both enemies and allies will fall...who will survive the war that crosses land and sea?

marigoldmia marigoldmia Jul 02, 2010
omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love mermaid and vampire!! and  i sooooooooooooooo love how u wrote this!! its sooooooooo original and creative and the most awesomest story ive read soooo far!
xanxie xanxie Jun 09, 2010
@leggomyego13 glad you like my story! :) i would appreciate if you guys didnt fight on my story page for if i believe in mermaids..i think mermaids are more realistic than vampires..but no i dont believe any exist sorry :P
xanxie xanxie Jun 09, 2010
@diabeticookiemonster seriously guys? lol fighting on my story page..not appreciated..comments are suppose to be about my story kk
diabeticookiemonster diabeticookiemonster Jun 09, 2010
@leggomyego13 ok are you stupid or something???  OF COURSE don't mermaids exist!!!!!!!!  what r u, 5??  puhleeze!!!!  and that girl at the beach was not a mermaid, obviously!!!!! did she have fins?? i don't think so!  your are so immature- GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!
honestlytru13 honestlytru13 May 31, 2010
@xanxie I understand.  I was just giving my honest, third-party opinion, and though I stand by it, I see your perspective.  I look forward to seeing more from you!
xanxie xanxie May 19, 2010
@kurou1 thanks that means a lot :) ill post the second chapter very soon! today or tomoro