The Baddest :Book One: (Editing)

The Baddest :Book One: (Editing)

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*WARNIO!! This is my second book I wrote on Wattpad. THERE will be mistakes!* Read at yo own dang risk! 

"Who is she?"

"Can you get me her number?"

"Can you shut up, she is right there." I watch as the boys whisper in front of me. I raise my eyebrows and wait until they realize that I am standing only a few feet away from them. 

"I'm V, no you can't have my number, and yeah I'm right here." I eye all three of the boys with curiosity. And they seem to be doing the same to me.


I'm known as the baddest of them all. The one who has no past. The one that doesn't even give you a glance. Because I don't need to waste my time on others. People can see my outside, leather jacket, ripped jeans, chewing bubblegum. 

But people can't see what's on the inside, unless you let them in. And only one person has ever seen me for... me. I'm just a normal 17 year old girl grieving with a dark past. But on the outside I'm a 18 year old girl with a bad reputation. 

Three new transfer students come into Valentine's life. There names are Axel, Phoenix, and Shepherd. Valentine needs help with the unbearable grief that life throws her way. And maybe... just maybe these three unique boys can help with that. But Valentine seems to forget that they are just strangers. She didn't know the past the boys hide behind their black sunglasses. They might get her in trouble, but they will get her out of it too.

*There is a sequel to this book: The Wildest*


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