A New Life In Detroit

A New Life In Detroit

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Jade By Toxic_parasite Updated Jun 24, 2018

An rk800 model by the name connor is assigned to work along side the all to famous lieutenant Anderson. investigating a deivant case is one thing but what if there was more that Connor didnt even know. after Connor and Anderson stumble upon a problem postponing the investigation, one of the head detective in America is sent to work with the dynamic duo. Will this case be more than planned, will Connor get more than he expected and become...deivant?

i dont own any characters and the game Connor is orignally from is called Detroit :become human. i hope you enjoy this somewhat love story. its going to take awhile for it to actually become apperant because its a slow burn. 

#2 in syfy.

  • androids
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  • fluff
  • hank
  • investigations
  • language
  • murders
  • profanity
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  • slowburn
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