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and shit like that. 
Note it was 3 am and i was like. There's no books where Natsu is just fucking insane why not make one. 

"I want to know tell me!" I screamed. Why can't I know? this isn't fucking fair. It's a bloody outrage. I was about to burst until he said something that shut me up. Guards came in grabbing my wrists. "What... I'm.." He is actually doing it. Lucy what are you doing. FIGHT THEM. I sighed "Your right Jude, I am fucking CRAZY!" I laugh. "But you'll never understand fool."

Your causal winter morning and I was pissed.

Lucy Heartfillia.

Wishes to be an average normal teen her mother died in a car accident which fucked her up mentally. She is a victim of abuse at home. She gets in a a lot of trouble in result she is beat up till she can't move. Her curiosity gets the better of her. 

Everyone has one word or sentence that would turn them to the devil himself if it were to be said in front of them. Unfortunately Lucy's was. "Your fucking insane get away monster" She grew up with that sentence her whole life and when her mother died she starts to live up the thing.

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