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You're in a different place now, deep in the earth

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You're in a different place now, deep in the earth. Normally only those who have died and been buried arrive here, their skeletons dragged down from their graves into the bustling metropolis of the afterlife.

Geoff, like you, is a recent arrival. He lives here now, forever. And he's a little bit confused.

He doesn't know why his roof is made of fire. He doesn't know why he can still get drunk even though he doesn't have a stomach to hold the alcohol. And he doesn't know why his girlfriend Naomi still cares so much about her figure even though all her skin, muscles and organs have rotted away.

Most of all he has no idea why this place exists and what any of them are supposed to be doing down here. But he knows one thing. He needs to cheer Naomi up, and he's ready for an adventure.

Welcome to Skeleton City.


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