Letting in Light ✔️ [Completed] [Book two]

Letting in Light ✔️ [Completed] [Book two]

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***  Spoiler Alert - This is book two in the trilogy, so please do not read below until you have read Out of the Shadows [book one] ***

*** All of the characters from Out of the Shadows  [book one] will be returning in Letting in Light [book two]***

Lizzie Cooper is already painfully aware that dating a movie star is not easy, but both she and Daniel are determined to make it work. Now there are no more secrets between them, Lizzie feels hopeful of the future for the first time since escaping the darkness of her past.

But there are new challenges they have to face when Daniel begins filming his latest project.

Lizzie is catapulted into the chaos of Hollywood and is forced to try to navigate a celebrity world that she never expected or wished to be a part of. 

Lizzie and Daniel have to find a way to keep their relationship alive, while juggling her career, Daniel's hectic filming schedule, unstable family and friends, and the media always seeming to be one step ahead. 

So, is it really possible to live a normal life when you're in love with an A-list movie star?