Disaster-in-Waiting  (Wattys 2016)

Disaster-in-Waiting (Wattys 2016)

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****Mature audience only due to adult themes; sex, language and situations****

Eloise Ross is married to Michael, her much older and recently retired husband. He fills his days with golf and walking the dog, while she fills her days working as a newly appointed P.A. to the CEO of an international company.

One night, disillusioned with her sexless marriage she goes out alone, drinks beer and dances with a handsome stranger. The moves on the dance floor quickly lead to passion and excitement like El has never known, but it was only one night, one time. Just that once couldn't mean anything, could it?

Just that once changed her view on everything she'd ever thought she'd known or valued; her home, family, husband and marriage, but most of all herself.

As her life begins to unravel, with twists and turns that make her laugh, cry and despair El has only one constant to hang onto, her handsome stranger.

"Because I don't want to end it. I'm not exactly what you'd call experienced," I said with a warm flush creeping up my cheeks. "I thought everything I had, with Michael was an ideal life until that night, when I met you and something switched inside me, a realisation that it was as far from ideal as anything  ever could be. I don't think I'm being clear here, sorry. I am not trying to pin my happiness or the consequences of this on you, God, I don't even call you by your first name so to expect anything of you is not realistic!"

SachaAnnSmith SachaAnnSmith 3 days ago
Oh my word that is so funny. I have an idea I would do the exact same thing if I answered a message that was stated in that way. Lol that's so funny.
I like the idea of your story so far.  It sounds interesting.  I will like to read the rest of your chapters.  Already, Denton sounds like he's going to be trouble.
Sorglegt Sorglegt Jun 18
There is nothing one can complain bout your writing ! lets see where the story goes!!
AnkhGoddess AnkhGoddess Aug 11
Interesting idea. I like that you added older characters in this, there's not that many stories on wattpad that features older characters as one of their main characters.
Your sentences flow amazingly and this is refreshing to read a story on Wattpad with older characters. Only tiny criticism would be to shorten your paragraphs slightly but overall great start!! ❤️
Ohhhh, I can't tell if this is sexy angry or just angry angry!! 😂😏