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Raped by A Merman

Raped by A Merman

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YcantIBAmermaid By YcantIBAmermaid Updated Aug 18, 2014

Long ago mermaids would reproduce with other mermaids, but their offspring became increasingly more powerful. To keep the balance in the world the mermaid elders decided that no longer would two mermaids be allowed to mate. Instead, once, maybe twice in a life time the mermaids were sent to land to mate with a human. The females would return impregnated and raise the child a mermaid.  Males, would impregnate a woman and watch over her until birth, then if it was a mermaid they would take the child back to the sea. 

Now normal humans surly wouldn't agree to this.  So a special serum was developed, to help persuade a human into cooperating. The mermaid, or merman would use their power of song to lull the human into a sleep, and then the serum was administered. The humans memories either forgotten of the event, or changed. 

But after a few hundred years there began to be slip ups. A mermaid would forget who their mate was, or they would think the mating didn't work. Soon, there we...

BelindaLay9 BelindaLay9 Sep 27, 2016
The stories great so far. Love it. Please continue to post updates. I've noticed that you haven't updated for a while
GreenLover614 GreenLover614 May 11, 2015
What's strange about this story, is that the merman, strangely has a penis....great story though.
HelenaDanielleSayat HelenaDanielleSayat Jul 28, 2014