Head Over Heels:Book 3:Because You Love Me: Justin Bieber Love Story:

Head Over Heels:Book 3:Because You Love Me: Justin Bieber Love Story:

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So you have to vote! most of it was written literally months ago!

I can't tell you what- but just be prepared..

it's not what you think....

wth?? (that's went through your head right?)

just trust me...

that was the beginning of the twist.

4 years later:

March 25th



I got up out of bed slowly.

My head was pounding like crazy.


I grasped the side table for balance, dizziness suddenly rushing through me.

I took a deep breath, trying to get it to pass.

Where was he?

"Justin?" I asked.

"Yeah?" He walked in from the hallway and stopped at the door, watching me with wide eyes. "Are you ok?"

"I think so. I think I just got up too fast. I didn't know where you were."

"It doesn't look like you just stood up." He took the few steps forward and touched his hand to my forehead, then put his other hand on my arm. "You're pretty warm.

"I can just get some water. I'm ok."

I started to walk out and he caught me as I lost my balance, his arm gently pulling me back....

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emmalogsdon emmalogsdon Jul 29, 2013
what's the first book in this series? I wanna read it but I'm confused!
verifiedbelieber1 verifiedbelieber1 May 20, 2013
I umm cant find Justins POV of this book...iS it out? Is there something i missed sorry im just wondering...I might have missed something...But I cant read it from Laurens POV I just cant....
LostInYourDreams LostInYourDreams Apr 17, 2013
Umm.. This is book 3 and just to let u know at the cover photo it says book 4.
parisj25 parisj25 Mar 07, 2013
Hold on im confused which book go first??? So I can know what to read first I use to know but I stop gettin on wattpad now im back
Autumntreehugger Autumntreehugger Mar 03, 2013
Yeas she finally pregnant I so happy .it's about time .they Been married for 4yrs right ?
JaedeAmoree JaedeAmoree Mar 02, 2013
I'm soo upset that I couldn't find the third book and when I decided to read the fourth one I finally found it so I'm reading backwards.I'll manage though.don't worry k still luv this book