I gave you everything, Bieber. (Justin Bieber Love Story)

I gave you everything, Bieber. (Justin Bieber Love Story)

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rach By xYouArePerfect Completed

Karla has never fell in love before. She was too busy being insecure. It hurt. Badly. But when she met the super charming and gorgeous Justin Bieber she starts to wonder, can her life change? 

Answer is, it can. Dramatically. She moved out of Stratford and soon, her life became ruined. 

But will Justin save her? From this mess?

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bluxbieber bluxbieber Jan 21
Bish yes I’ve had it for ever now like theirs no cure to that shįt
bluxbieber bluxbieber Jan 21
Ok like my mom threatens me with a knife but she would never in her life cut me with one bish tf
AMillionStarsAbove AMillionStarsAbove Oct 07, 2016
YOU DON'T DESERVE THE WEASLEY NAME, BÌTCH!!!!!! 😬😬😬😬😬(Hardcore Potterhead- Highly Dangerous)😐
AtishiJain AtishiJain Sep 17, 2016
I just think that if it was someone else than Jasmine then the story would be more interesting. I'm not saying it's boring or I hate Jasmine but I wanted someone else in place of Jasmine.