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She refused to show mercy. She refused to die in this world of monstrosities.

Maybe that's why she became what she was,

They call her Seventeen.

She was lethal, deadly even. But under that ruthless facade is a young girl, a girl scared that the world would let her down once again. Ever wondered why she became what she was? Three people broke their promise, causing her to spend 2 years shrouded in darkness. And so darkness she became

Ethan King, the leader of the most feared gang in the world, Dark Hurricanes. He was ruthless, cruel, cold. Nobody but his second and third in command could understand his ways, his reputation was matched only by Seventeen herself. He just took over the gang for 6 months and everybody fears him. People far and wide have heard of him.

The Duels are coming nearer each and every day. It is held once every five years to determine the ranking of gangs. It just so happens that the Death Scars and Dark Hurricanes are taking part this year once again, with new members.

What happens when Ethan sees a girl whose arms are littered with scars walk through the gates to the place where The Duels are going to be held?

What happens when Seventeen sees a childhood Friend that she never wanted to see in her life again?

Two teens equally broken in every way, their eyes seeing enough of the world's horrors. What happens if they clash? Will sparks ignite or will each of them become more broken than they were before. After all what have they got to loose? 

"In the end, we're only human, we cry, we laugh, we smile, we make mistakes."