Abused by One Alpha Mate, Lied to by Another Alpha Mate

Abused by One Alpha Mate, Lied to by Another Alpha Mate

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"You are mine and belong to no one else" he sneered in my face
"You're wrong" I mumbled turning my head away 
"You are my toy and I use you when I want" he smirked
"But you-I-I'm your mate! You're supposed to love me and care for me not fuck around with other girls and have me whenever you want!" I screamed.
His smirk fell and was replaced by a scowl. He lifted his hand and I flinched back awaiting the slap. But all I heard was a growl and a grunt of pain. I opened my eyes and there he was. The man I felt an indescribable connection to. It wasn't until he turned to me, his golden eyes meeting my teal ones that I realised what connection I held with him. 
Mate! My wolf howled 
Another one!? I thought to myself, gasping 

Serenity Harper is a werewolf, but she's not just any werewolf. She's the mate to the alpha of the second strongest pack in the world. She's an extremely rare silver wolf and she's super kind. But her life isn't perfect. It's far from it actually. Her pack hates her and has ever since the death of her whole family believing she is the cause towards it. Her own mate refuses to announce that she is his mate and even went through the trouble of ordering her to keep her mouth shut about it! But that's not even the worst of it. Her mate abuses and rapes her repeatedly. You would think after all her suffering she would crack and kill herself... and she was going to... until she meets the mysterious Xander. He's alpha to the strongest pack in the world and a good natured leader. What is the connection Serenity feels between the two. Its that of a mate bond only slightly stronger. So what happens when everything she ever knew was a lie and she finds love elsewhere. But not far after love do you find betrayals...

{SEQUEL: The Beautiful Killer}

  • abuse
  • betrayal
  • heartbreak
  • lies
  • love
  • mate
  • pain
lmaomofo lmaomofo Mar 06, 2017
Honey, where's my shotgun?! I need to go this motherfvcker...
__sarahsky __sarahsky Dec 30, 2016
I wonder if her another mate knew about this then...i donno...but I sure this boi who just rape her GOT NO JAMS
Faralau Faralau Jun 01, 2016
I'm in love... but when I told them she thought it was a joke... he thought he'd laugh and the other girl.... struggled to love Mr back I'm depressed and sometimes... it doesn't get better but anyone else whos depressed it to late for me but not you
diamond1839 diamond1839 Nov 01, 2015
@BeauAteMyLahme yeah me to I thought she was going to be another whore but nah she is fine
BeauAteMyLahme BeauAteMyLahme Oct 13, 2015
I was expecting her to be a bìtch lol but it's totally fine
DancerandSinger DancerandSinger Jun 05, 2015
When the 'new' wolves were walking out the car, the chorus of Fancy played. The timing was so on point with my reading that I actually laughed out loud.