The Twilight Prince

The Twilight Prince

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Andrew Wheeler By ANWheeler Completed

What happens when your fairy godmother and your commanding officer don't see eye to eye?

Ben Frazer frets about exams, university, and finding a boyfriend, but he has a lot more to worry about when he discovers the secret world of Britain's fairies, and gets caught between military intelligence and the radical fey. 

For reasons he can't understand, Ben is immune to magic, and that makes him a bulletproof soldier in this ongoing war. But Ben doesn't want to fight -- and when he falls for the dashing Twilight Prince, he's not even sure whose side he's on.

An action-packed queer YA novel about the difficult choice between romance and duty, and finding where you fit in, featuring monsters, witches, sword maidens, mer-men, special agents, and more. 

Cover art by Kalman Andrasofszky. Cover text by Carl Shura.

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AdamVng AdamVng May 28, 2018
U got me hooked after 2 chapters. Ur my new king (or queen).
EvaTheOddity EvaTheOddity Mar 07, 2018
Love the dialogue and cliff-hanger... must find out what has happened to his mother!
AdamVng AdamVng May 28, 2018
I like how you describe things. It's so detailed and eloquent. Keep up the good work!!!
Erza1998 Erza1998 May 24, 2018
If I were in that situation, whether his intention was too kill me, I feel like I would have a heart attack from shock.
xSavvySavx xSavvySavx Mar 08, 2018
Ok I know I already left a comment but I just wanted to say you have really polished descriptive writing. You paint pictures for readers so easily, I swear it's like a movie in my head. I'm so interested in this world you've created!
xSavvySavx xSavvySavx Mar 08, 2018
Wow. Powerful beginning. Your story description got me curious but now I am hooked. Nice job!