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The Twilight Prince by ANWheeler
The Twilight Princeby Andrew Wheeler
What happens when your fairy godmother and your commanding officer don't see eye to eye? Ben Frazer frets about exams, university, and finding a boyfriend, but he has a...
Ride Along by rylienoland17
Ride Alongby Rylie
Sequel to Ride and Ride On There are two definitions of trouble with the green at play. One, money. Two, an absolutely insane, green filly. El Diablo Caballo.
Ride by rylienoland17
Rideby Rylie
Of Mares, and Of Men, the outcome is probable. Injuries. Horses. And love.
Ride On by rylienoland17
Ride Onby Rylie
Sequel to Ride It comes down to a matter of opinion. You either give effort and make it work, or you give up. Evangeline wasn't one to do the latter, until the day that...
Syd, a story about a Clydesdale. by irisbirchhall
Syd, a story about a irisbirchhall
Syd is a big Clydesdale stallion and this is his story. From being a lesson horse to a professional showjumper, he came a long way to where he is now. I hope you enjoy h...
Rosewood Preparatory Academy (Canterwood crest based) by brandtt
Rosewood Preparatory Academy ( brandtt
lol i'm not updating this book anymore k Rosewood Preparatory Academy is a prestigious athletic academy in the heart of Virginia. From Swimming to Fencing, the best of...
America's Suitehearts: Season 1 by iDeaPress
America's Suitehearts: Season 1by Miss Jackson
Season 1 of America's Suitehearts. Only some of the episodes take place directly after each other, leaving space for people to use my AU for their own stories. Fan art...
When is a Crab Like a Dog? by iDeaPress
When is a Crab Like a Dog?by Miss Jackson
America's Suitehearts: Episode 14 Directed by Nathan Kingston Written by Me Sandman is keeping a secret and Dr. Benzedrine wants to know what it is. With the help of his...
Scorpion Venom For Sale, Buy Scorpion Venom Online by raoulramadass1968
Scorpion Venom For Sale, Buy Raoul Nair Ramadass
scorpion venom for sale, buy scorpion venom online, snake venom for sale, toad venom for sale, Horseshoe Crab Blood For Sale, Buy Horseshoe Crab Blood Online at Black Ve...
24 Hours of Pure Luck by violet_dances
24 Hours of Pure Luckby Violet
luck lək/ noun 1. success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.
Gate Five by CharlemagneBenedict
Gate Fiveby CharlemagneBenedict
After the Malaysian airplane disappeared, he started to rethink his business trip to Germany. Will he make it onto the plane, or will he lock his door and never emerge a...
I Can Ride by WildFreeHorse
I Can Rideby WildFreeHorse
The smell of grain, hooves clopping, grooming, bonds, danger, friendship, adrenaline, and just the existence of the equine is what you think about most of your day. You'...
Reigns To The Rescue by chelseascharp
Reigns To The Rescueby Elizabeth Ryland
Two Groups of Friends from two Competing Schools must band together to rescue one Teacher. West Horseshoe High and Saddle Shore Academy have been fierce rivals in the an...
HORSESHOE by Siakon123
HORSESHOEby siakon123
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