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Ad Astra by ad_meliora
Ad Astraby Maeve
[LGBTQ+ New Adult Fantasy] In the colonized country of Landiani, Fetia is no stranger to the oppressive tactics of the Magnuvians, who first conquered the nation decades...
The Twilight Prince by ANWheeler
The Twilight Princeby Andrew Wheeler
What happens when your fairy godmother and your commanding officer don't see eye to eye? Ben Frazer frets about exams, university, and finding a boyfriend, but he has a...
With you, I'd go anywhere || Nikolai Lantsov x Male Reader  by fairry_slut
With you, I'd go anywhere || Austin
Nikolai Lantsov x male reader. Ever since you were brought it the little palace, you've been best friends with the crown prince. Nikolai Lantsov. However, life ripped yo...
Ruby Locket : Midnight's Ball by ClaraWillow1
Ruby Locket : Midnight's Ballby Clara Grace Willow ꕥ
"This might seem a little abrupt but I fear I might die if I do not say it", he laughed. "I feel drawn to you for some reason. I've truly never felt this...
Golden Heart: A Gay Fantasy by zelunasblessing
Golden Heart: A Gay Fantasyby Ren
🌙 A twist on a classic tale. The Moon Prince of Umbra is forced into an arranged marriage and runs away, only then to be taken by a dragon for his golden eyes.💫
Two Hotties  and a Geek (on hold ) by tragicfinalboy
Two Hotties and a Geek (on hold )by tragicfinalboy
New kid New school And a two boys lusting over you or are they just using you for your brains? See how Rocky dose when he transfers from Heart high to Shelter Alpha Hig...
Red Eyes (manxman) by JustWriter
Red Eyes (manxman)by JustWriter
Cooper is famous, he has reached the top and is enjoying the lap of luxery. His house in the hills, hot hollywood boyfriend, and sexy talent agent. Something is not righ...
THE OFFICE  by TomWheeler3
THE OFFICE by TragicCaseAnon
The office is basically a mens sex club. Five friends visit the club and discover the offerings Here are anything but what they expected
Welcome to Monster-Free School or MFS, the safest place you could send your human child! It's absolutely not crawling with monsters who are going to harm, seduce or dev...
God of Winter by outlawedmedia
God of Winterby Outlawed Media
It's late one fateful day, and the great King Taran sits down to write a letter. Burdened by a new world full of dragons, mythical beasts, witches, sorcery, and war; the...
The Wolf's Raven by JannelleBelle
The Wolf's Ravenby
Two hundred years have passed since the Witch Wars sundered the world and split the once-mighty witch covens apart, reducing them to mere entertainers for the humans who...
twin crown by itsbeingabookworm
twin crownby Laura
STILL EDITING, PROBABLY GONNA END UP HERE THOUGH Princess Alexandra of the Dark Court got robbed of her throne when rebels overthrew the court and now has to fight to su...
New world first love. by Jenrihera
New world first Jenrihera
This story is about a boy named Zetric where he discovered that he was made in a strange world where he doesn't know anything about it but then he discovered a person a...
Pandora's Story (Asra Route) by BlueDragonTea
Pandora's Story (Asra Route)by AsraTheMagician
This is the story of my character from The Arcana. His name is Pandora, a FTM demiboy who lives with the Magician Asra. This is
The dragons den by jaismin1234
The dragons denby Toniik
When a hole appears near your house what do you do you see what's going on and how it got there are do you leave it alone  Alex no you are not going mom I'm going to...
The Last Flameling of Solnis by AlexanderReap11
The Last Flameling of Solnisby Alexander Reap
Shiloh Anderson lives a privileged life in the elite town of Black Hills. He drives a yellow corvette, he's the star wide receiver of the Black Hill Vipers, and he's in...
Schol of Boys: AMANTE by EdwinGuerrero579
Schol of Boys: AMANTEby Edwin Guerrero
he aqui For you una historia de amor donde te preguntaras si el amor de Jungkook es real por Taehyung <3 pronto lo sabras
The Legend of the Black Moon by EmanLongobardi
The Legend of the Black Moonby Emanuele
Lorenzo is a shy boy who has no friends. As tradition dictates, this summer, he will go camping with his parents. However, during the first night in the tent, something...