Don't Call Me Baby  (Billy Hargrove)

Don't Call Me Baby (Billy Hargrove)

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'This is a fücked up relationship, and I'm a fücked up person, but you're the only one who makes me feel loved!' Tears streamed down Billy's eyes as he exclaimed the words with so much passion, and in this moment, I realized something. 

I was the only one who cared about Billy, and he depended on me to give him the love and care he lacked in his life.


A Billy Hargrove fan fiction

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Tomsleftnut Tomsleftnut Apr 24, 2018
I read this and choked because seeing dacre montgomery to cry PHEWWWWWW
Ash6747 Ash6747 Mar 10, 2018
Dude I don’t think your talking about me, but my names Ash
jenny_delgado209 jenny_delgado209 Mar 14, 2018
Is this based on Stranger Things ya know as in Billy the hot af step-brother of Max?
AestheticsProvider AestheticsProvider Mar 05, 2018
I saw the cover and I was like..
                              \( 0^0)/   GET ME INSIDE.
                              oh wait. Eer, I mean, inside the book of course, I’m female anyways. Um. Ima, ima just go back to my whole and binge season 1-2 of ST now... um. Bai.
sweg_entertainment sweg_entertainment May 10, 2018
I just came here to say:
                              “CALL ME BABY” -Exo
                              okay byeeee
DrewKliesen DrewKliesen Mar 22, 2018
Your story sound cool ;) !! I love ST but I fear to miss vocabulary at some points, i'm french !! Xoxo from France ^^