Beyond Our Titles (Alpha/Omega Book 2/3) [Boy/Boy] - 2012

Beyond Our Titles (Alpha/Omega Book 2/3) [Boy/Boy] - 2012

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“Kat, I’m the Sayrin, I rule over the whole Demon District - I can’t just abandon them…” She got quiet again and shrugged.
“Alpha is going to attend a leader’s meeting over the next week, I’ll be in charge of Jacoby so if you want to visit him I won’t tell anyone.”
My brows furrowed. “Leader’s meeting for what?”
“A couple of packs closest to the east have been wiped out and it’s obviously the work of Lusters - we just don’t know why.” There was fear in her eyes and it had a good reason to be there.

History is once again threatening to repeat itself and Lauren would do anything to stop it. Despite the fact that he is now the youngest Sayrin in history he aims to be the best and attempts to unite the districts to stop and invasion. While he has good intentions this plan still has a downside - Jay still hates him for "betraying" the pack. Even with Pyro and Niro nearby, he can't stop his feelings for Jay and is new pup from taking over...

Book 2 of 3 of the Alpha/Omega Series

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