The Alpha's Omega (Alpha/Omega Book 1/3) [Boy/Boy] - 2012

The Alpha's Omega (Alpha/Omega Book 1/3) [Boy/Boy] - 2012

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What starts as the birth of a new pack quickly turns into a downward spiral when the Omega is not exactly from pure wolf blood. In the shadow world, where demons, angels, and the like roam - one coming from mixed blood doesn't always stand a chance.

Sixteen year old Lauren thought his life couldn't get anymore complicated until his world is turned upside down when he learns one of his parents were not who he thought they were. He hasn't seen his dad in years and his mother has mysteriously gone missing...All he knows is he no longer belongs in the pack but his new Alpha refuses to let him go.

Book 1 of 3 of the Alpha/Omega Series

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  • love
  • neko
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  • pain
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  • shifter
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ThatOneChickThough ThatOneChickThough Jul 18, 2017
... maybe they're handling the family business... or they went on a hunting trip
TomaCosmina TomaCosmina Aug 08, 2017
I don't think there's any delta in a pack xD What's this a math reunion? lol
SamanthaHeart9 SamanthaHeart9 Apr 30, 2014
Oh my god that was so good! You definitely need to finish this story. its just that interesting. :)
wildbunny101 wildbunny101 Dec 09, 2013
It would glow an unnatural orange not red. Plus you have a couple typos, but it's cool. Good beginning.
GothicAngel1205 GothicAngel1205 May 24, 2013
@Delightfullynuts lol thank you CX I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^
GothicAngel1205 GothicAngel1205 Sep 04, 2012
@xxDink6ltrxx haha ^_^ I'm sure it was...Thanks for commenting XD