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Eliatrope Guardian by storly
Eliatrope Guardianby storly
This is a Wakfu x Male Oc reader Arlo wakes from your Dofus years later in the world of twelve you wondering around the new world with little memories of his past self...
Another One? Yugo x reader by Reaper_Reap_13
Another One? Yugo x readerby Colell12
(COMPLETED) Everyone write about how these two grew up together but then it just feels like a sibling relationship the rest of the time. But not this book time to change...
Wakfu: The Message by Coyotteslayer53
Wakfu: The Messageby Coyotteslayer53
This takes place after the search for the 6 dofus ( or the three ova's) The main idea is Yugo decides to bring his people back to make it up to his brother who has run a...
Wakfu Ruins (AU story) by Jewel_Dragon
Wakfu Ruins (AU story)by 💮☯Jewel☯💮
|*Spoilers for up to the end of season 3*| Qilby has succeeded in killing Yugo and stealing his dofus. This crushed every single member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu an...
Never forget  by ThunderSkirll
Never forget by DragonKnight
It's been 5 years since the incident with Adamai, Yugo felt bitter and hurt when the dragon didn't come back. Now at the age of 23, Yugo trained with Phaeris and was abl...
Wakfu Yugo X Amalia (Discontinued) by Pure_Bean
Wakfu Yugo X Amalia (Discontinued)by ☬
DISCLAIMER: I do not own "Wakfu" (I wish i did). Or many of the characters used during the story. I also dont own the cover picture. ~Welcome to my Story~ I...
[Under Edit] The Threat (Amalia × Yugo) by mflysnever
[Under Edit] The Threat (Amalia ×...by FracturedFlight
This story will take place a year after season 3 but they did not end up in the "God Realm" instead they ended up at the World Of Twelve again. Original Story:...
Healing a Broken Bond by Star_OfTheShow
Healing a Broken Bondby Fable
Yugo and Adami. I'm sure you've heard of them. Their bond is strong. But what happens when it breaks?
Watching the Past by Chlee12
Watching the Pastby Chlee
Shortly after the Brotherhood and The Sibling's arrival at the Inglorium, they were greeted with a person who wishes to show them something. The small goddess shows them...
Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader!Xelor) by JekyllandHyde01
Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader!Xel...by Crystal Methany
I'm small, tiny, and what most people call a little menace. But that's only because its hard for a kid like me to make money, especially when nobody listens to me. That...
"Because I Love You" by ObsessedNugget
"Because I Love You"by ObsessedNugget
Yugo has been having nightmares since the fight with Oropo. As they start to get worse, they start to make him believe he's a problem. When Amalia yells at him, he decid...
How Was I Supposed To Know? by Star_OfTheShow
How Was I Supposed To Know?by Fable
"Dear Amalia, I've left the Sadida Kingdom. No, I'm not going back to Emelka. I'm not going to tell you where I'll be. Don't try to get Adami to tell you either...
Arc V: Zexal Hope by Roxasfan58
Arc V: Zexal Hopeby Roxas25
You know the story so it's useless that you read the description so start reading the story.
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Yugioh Arc-V  x Male Reader by dunc1201
Yugioh Arc-V x Male Readerby Zarc1201
The resurrection of the Devil is inevitable, but what if there was now 2?, (I don't own the image)
Yugioh Arc V The White Dragon Emperor by Cowboyvenegas213
Yugioh Arc V The White Dragon Empe...by Edwin Venegas
Ash Died From Pokemon World Arceus Gives Him A Chance Where He Is Reborn In Duel Monsters
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Beyblade Burst  by KaniraTamira
Beyblade Burst by Kira Tamari/Shakadera
(Various x Female Blader Reader) Valt Aoi is a cheerful boy in the 5th Grade. Crazy about Beyblade, he works hard to better himself at Beyblade with the partner Bey, Val...
Wakfu x reader oneshots/short stories  by Chloesofouliskys6
Wakfu x reader oneshots/short stor...by Gyat
I created this because i was bored and i realize that there are not that many good wakfy stories and oneshots so here i am to fulfill that all i need is a character and...
Beyblade Burst x Reader by Miss-Potter-Head
Beyblade Burst x Readerby Kira <3
just read on :)
Show time for the queen (rewrite) by Lssjgogeta
Show time for the queen (rewrite)by Lssjgogeta
Read if you want to I have changed I few things and this is a girlxgirl
[COMPLETED] {BOOK 1}happy with him (highschool Au) Sonnyban& Psyborg by Veen_2434
[COMPLETED] {BOOK 1}happy with him...by Veenchu_2434
sonny and alban are really close so close that there other classmates though that they are dating but they are not but Alban wish they are alban has a really big crush...