Wakfu- The Love of An Eliatrope by WakfuQueen
Wakfu- The Love of An Eliatropeby
Fly! Across time and space! Jumping through the gates! The hero lies in you! Watch! The legend unfold! It's history foretold! Here's the start of our adventure! Race! At...
  • adamai
  • amalia
  • yugo
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Eliatrope by FantasyDreamer19212
Eliatropeby Kaido Lotus
~Wakfu~ A young Eliatrope who is looking for something, decides to go on an adventure. She ends up finding Yugo and the gang, so she hangs out with him knowing he is loo...
  • percedal
  • yugo
  • amalia
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The Billionaire's Girl by lliizz15
The Billionaire's Girlby Iiz.e
-previously titled as 'The Billionaire'- ~ Eva Taylor joins a new high school when she shifts to New York with her sister, Hailey. There she meets a billionaire's son, M...
  • arrogant
  • alphaman
  • lovestory
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Why Did You Fall | c.schistad by devilishstilinski
Why Did You Fall | c.schistadby ☾kenzie☽
"Why did you fall for me Chris?" "Because,you're bad for me." ~ Where Amelia Magnusson moves from London to Oslo,Norway to be with her older brother...
  • vilde
  • chrisschistad
  • noora
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Show Me : Chris Schistad by nctzen-honey
Show Me : Chris Schistadby NCTbabies
"They're in this never ending cycle of 'Love me' 'Love me not' and neither of them are going to ever quit on the other. It might look like they're over, wait a few...
  • penetratorchris
  • chris
  • noora
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Nobody's Angel by TaraLynn217
Nobody's Angelby Tara Holz
Eva is just the shy, nerdy girl. She prefers to be alone, and doesn't take anyone's crap, along with Elena and Cassie, her two best friends and the only people she needs...
  • death
  • love
  • vampire
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Eva by xxmainbitchxx
Evaby 🙈🙈🙈
Maddie's little sister 🦄
  • biobook
  • eva
Broken (yugo x oc reader) by Minkaz123
Broken (yugo x oc reader)by Random weirdo
(I don't think this will be any reads but still you gotta try right?) Meet tag; an eliatrope who runs away from home because of her abusive father, she finds the brother...
  • ruel
  • dally
  • yugo
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Wakfu~ Love Will be Restored (2) by WakfuQueen
Wakfu~ Love Will be Restored (2)by
Cosette and Yugo are back!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in an extraordinary fight for each others love, and each others memories, Yugo and Cosette do everything they c...
  • king
  • dally
  • queen
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Eva by OriginalContentCop
Evaby Look, Mom! A weeb
"Um, Jacob...I-I don't know about this-" He went up to her and kissed her, this time on her mouth and whispered in her ear "relax. Close your eyes and rel...
  • dark
  • eva
  • horror
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SQUAD GOALS [Skam] by -khaleesiz
SQUAD GOALS [Skam]by ⋆
seeing what's always been there [Chris Schistad x OC] warnings: contains alcohol, drugs, mature content as well as foul language. -khaleesiz © 2018
  • socialmedia
  • sana
  • eva
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04.17 - c.s by preciousschistad
04.17 - c.sby marilyn
"But now it's 04.17 AM and I'm thinking about you, while you're kissing lips that aren't mine."
  • williammagnusson
  • schistad
  • herman
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An eliatrope queen ( wakfu x reader) ( DISCONTINUED ) by Infinityairrow
An eliatrope queen ( wakfu x reade...by I͚ηƒίηίɾψ αίɾɾσϖ
me and krakikimii ( Kra-kik-i-mee) my dragon sister where training in a clearing with my twin dragon shu-shu katana when- a ice arrow was suddenly shot out of the bus...
  • eva
  • dally
  • eliatrope
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HIS  EVA || OSH by Lunexo88
HIS EVA || OSHby Meryem
(The Blacks Series BOOK 2) "أنا لا أُريد فرصة ثانية. لا أحتاج رفيقة ثانية." " أنا لا أحتاجُكي و لن أُحبّكي أبدًا إيفانجلين بلاك." Started : 28 / 08...
  • ملك
  • possessor
  • مصاصدماء
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My Boss From Hell (Book 1) by ShelleyratedxMJ
My Boss From Hell (Book 1)by Shelley
Eva Henry just lost her job- a job she had for sixteen years. Her friend tells her about another well paying job that's hiring. Eva is desperate, and sends in her resume...
  • eva
  • antonio
  • demonlove
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My life as Eva  by TheEvaGutowski
My life as Eva by Eva!
Eva Gutowski
  • mylife
  • eva
  • bff
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Uniquely Unique [On Hold] by TheAsianHusky
Uniquely Unique [On Hold]by A Nice Husky
[Highest rank #53 in Humour] Eva Evans - Sensible Elissa Evans - Optimistic Justice Gray - Prankster Kayden Mark - Clever Molly Sharma - Fighter Be our Guest. Join the j...
  • elissa
  • shaani
  • molly
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The Euphemism Of Love by steadyheart1234
The Euphemism Of Loveby RubyK
What if forever was temporary?
  • maybeineverlovedyou
  • eva
  • divorce
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Godzilla Genesis: Evangelion by springyilletore
Godzilla Genesis: Evangelionby Alfonso Fiorillo
Neo-Tokyo 3 (una specie di Tokyo futuristica) è diventata molto potente a tenere gli angeli ( i nemici) a bada ma sembra che un super cattivone voglia avere il mondo sot...
  • godzilla1998
  • godzilla
  • shingodzilla
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The Artist/Skam/ ChrisXOc/Book 1 by tashanisty
The Artist/Skam/ ChrisXOc/Book 1by tashanisty
  • noora
  • ốc
  • chrisschistad
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