The Red Room - Two Red Room Trainees Life Story by The_Legend_Half
The Red Room - Two Red Room Traine...by The_Legend_Half
"Again." came Madame B's calm voice. I had down the routine 20 times, but the other girls had not perfected it. "Dorothy, you need to work on your grand...
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Wakfu: Not What it Seems  by Fandom_is_life_
Wakfu: Not What it Seems by Fangirl!!
This story is based before season 3. Somethings will change, but just small and tiny things. And I just chose a random title. I suck at titles Anyway here's the descrip...
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KARANLIĞA TUTUN by Lonely2Lovely
Eva ve kardeşleri hiç yokluk çekmediler. Aileleri zengindi ve devasa bir malikanede yaşıyorlardı. Fakat o talihsiz kaza herkesin hafızasını yitirmesine sebep oldu. Eva t...
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Mundane Madness.  by whizzo
Mundane Madness. by AWB
|●|●|●|●|●|●|●| Whoever said all was fair in love and war deserved a salute of twenty one rifles; With all the rifles facing him of course! At least that is what Alliso...
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Priešai  by mielaskebabas
Priešai by mielaskebabas
Tai apie du priešus ir štai ta nelemta diena kaip jie kartu turi vykti į kelionę. Blogis gali pavirsti geriu, melas tiesa, žodžiai judesiais, ir priešai - draugais
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Eva & Marie by elenaahes
Eva & Marieby Elena
Eva is a small town seventeen year old girl with big city girl dreams and the burden of mental illness. As she journeys through her eleventh year of high school she meet...
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in which realizations are made, heartbreak is healed, dreams come true, and the past is left behind once and for all. // ❛ WILL YOU HOLD ME TIGHT AND NOT LET GO? ❜...
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Humanity 2.0 by nightravenxx
Humanity 2.0by nightravenxx
Humanity 2.0 is designed to alter the current human race to reach it's fullest potential . Humanity 2.0 has an altered gene , Gene X that is able to enhance hearing and...
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The Eliatrope King by Star_OfTheShow
The Eliatrope Kingby Star
Just as the Eliatrope Kingdom got on its feet, Royals across the World Of The Twelve begin to go missing. Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes. They all gradually be...
  • rual
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SKAM-Nova Versão by Noora0643
SKAM-Nova Versãoby NooraSKAM
Noora e PChris são irmãos,Caroline é prima deles praticamente irmã,PChris e William são melhores amigos porém a distancia porque os Schistad moram em Londres,porém estão...
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ғяȏẓєṅ ɞєғȏяє ṭıṃє  by iamosrry
ғяȏẓєṅ ɞєғȏяє ṭıṃє by osrry
⋅⋄⋆⌊It's just the beginning of it all⌉⋆⋄⋅ •{ Description }• The first Mecasum attack. Terror and fear running through all of the Eliatrop...
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The Girl behind the mask (Wakfu) by SamSamthemoose
The Girl behind the mask (Wakfu)by Cara
Y/n L/n has been a victim of Knox's evil doings. When she finally escapes, and runs into the brother of the Tofu, How will she react when she finally meets another one o...
  • yugo
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Let me by blue_ladym
Let meby Monika
let me be your man so I can love you and if you let me be your man then I'll take care of you, you
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Wakfu Truth or Dare by AJ_Panda54311
Wakfu Truth or Dareby Ajana
Hai! This is truth or dare with Wakfu characters! Post your questions/dares in the comments. I will post once a week. No swears in comments section pls :)
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don't cry by sunkenship00
don't cryby °l i a r
" uljima " said the girl
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Eva and Dally by danidmiller
Eva and Dallyby Dani Danielle Miller
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Ang Boyfriend Kong Abnormal by PinkyInMask
Ang Boyfriend Kong Abnormalby Pinkyinmask Bas
Eva Nathalia, a typical Senior High School student girl who is introvert. For her, being alone is better than having friends. But what will happen if Ivan Jake, a hands...
  • teenromance
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fake love - a BTS fanfic by LovelessKimchi
fake love - a BTS fanficby Loveless Kimchi
love seemed to be in DNA however in the end it turns out to be FAKE LOVE -- does Eva really love them?
  • seokjin
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School Drama by evamarra
School Dramaby Eva Margaret
uh, school drama? i'm in band
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Almost "Heros" by douhaspancake
Almost "Heros"by Dumb Human
A story I made up about a group of teenagers trying to save the world....it's better than it sounds trust me.
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