Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshots by IzADerpCookie
Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshotsby Fused With Fanfiction
Title says it all. Requests are C L O S E D! When they open again, you can request from: -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Yu-Gi-Oh GX -Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds More information about requests inside! Y...
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Yusei Fudo x Reader by AmazaynMissStylik
Yusei Fudo x Readerby Sammi
Winner of a Yu-Gi-Oh Watty! This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh x reader story! Sorry if I mess anything up. Enjoy! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's or the characters. All rights go to...
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『YuGiOh! 7 Minutes In Heaven』COMPLETED by TheCircusQueen
『YuGiOh! 7 Minutes In Heaven』COMPL...by 🥀aesthetic🥀
Y/N L/N was having a fun party at her place because YOLO! After a few hours, the party got boring so Y/N and her friends decided to spice things up. Soon everyone got ta...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenarios by Shywannah
Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenariosby Shywannah
❤ So, your name is (Y/N) (L/N). ❤ You are wonderful girl who have boyfriend! But, what boyfriend? Don't worry, on the list, you can choice! Like: ♦ Yugi Muto ♦ Yami Y...
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Crimson Energy 『Yusei Fudo X Reader』 by stardustdragxn
Crimson Energy 『Yusei Fudo X Reade...by Judai Yuki
You just arrived at new domino city when you decide to go to the park... Some unbelievable things began to happen to you that day..
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  • wattys2017
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Side To Side (Yusei Fudo x Reader) by LunaLuminoso
Side To Side (Yusei Fudo x Reader)by Natasha (Nataša) ❤️
,,I've been there all night, I've been there all day, And Boy, Got me walkin' Side To Side." -(Y/N) Izinski (Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj) (Applause to Kazuki Tak...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time! >Elemental Heros<  by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time! >Elem...by ☆❄️ - Lina -☀️☆
> WARNING: A different but similar VERSION to Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Era's and Time casting Elemental HEROs Deck < In the distance Future a Mysterious Masked Dueli...
  • yami
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Son Of Crow Hogan by Kitty-Candy666
Son Of Crow Hoganby Aqua Primarina "Ducky"
(Something that I created in my mind where Yuya was raised by Crow and Shinji I own nothing but the story itself the characters aren't mine). After taking Yuya in so he...
  • crowhogan
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Remember Me by sssasusaku
Remember Meby Noelle wassup
The dark signers have just been defeated and our world is safe, thanks to the signers. Everyone is happy, all except for Jack Atlas. Still mourning the death of Carly Ca...
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yugioh 5ds by yusakuxaoi
yugioh 5dsby Blue Angel
well this is my second story of yugioh
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Satisfactory Smut by JakkuAtorASS
Satisfactory Smutby JakkuAtorASS
Team Satisfaction, split into two shippings. Gets sexual. Gets erotic. Gets gay. HURRAY!
  • jackatlas
  • satisfactionshipping
  • kalinkessler
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Yu Gi Oh - Back To School by FlashPhoenix
Yu Gi Oh - Back To Schoolby ThePokePhoenix
After Yugi, Jaden and Yusei beat Paradox to save the world, Paradox changed time, making these legendary duelist along with our other dueling legends and their friends...
  • yuseixakiza
  • yusakufujiki
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Any YuGiOh! Character x ?  [Requests open] by Ivavivi
Any YuGiOh! Character x ? [Reques...by Ivavivi
Hello! This is my first book :3 You can request any YuGiOh character x Reader/ another character. I do lemons and fluffs. - thank you. ❤ • Ivavivi
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Random Role Plays That Are Very Fluffy by yusei_umbreon
Random Role Plays That Are Very Fl...by Roxy_lover
Role plays that me and my friends have done. 1) 99% of this will NOT be lemon. 2) I have role played these with my friends and they have asked for their names not to be...
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Breaking Point  by Chell83
Breaking Point by Michèle
The taping of Yu Gi Oh Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Version is almost done but with all the bashing Jaden Yuki has to endure he wonders if it's all worth it.
  • ygotas
  • yugimoto
  • jadenyuki
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The Most Beautiful Bride by NeroSeragaki
The Most Beautiful Brideby Nero Seragaki
Yusei ama con locura a Jaden y haría lo que fuera por él sobretodo si eso implica cumplir uno de los anhelos más profundos de su pareja. Un starshipping con todo mi cari...
  • jadenyuki
  • yaoi
  • yugioh
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Psychic, Sadist, Duelist Twin Sister || Yusei Fudo by ilovemusic123175
Psychic, Sadist, Duelist Twin Sist...by Yoshino Fujieda
What if Akiza Izinski had a twin sister? What if she, like Akiza, has Psychic Powers and the mark of the Crimson Dragon? What if she also went to Arcadia Movement alon...
  • hogan
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Different Generation Crystals AtemXReader,Yugi,Kaiba,Mahad,Diva,Yusei,Judai,Shay by LillaLucis
Different Generation Crystals Atem...by LillaLucis
Living in Yusei's neighbour hood in Domino City. A search for my two missing friends, Judai and Jesse Anderson. Can seeing duel spirits really help find what I am lookin...
  • yuto
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