The Battered wife Turns into a Mafia Boss! by YellowHope12
The Battered wife Turns into a Maf...by
Tamika Kayleigh Torres-Everdine sa likod ng matapang at palaban na babae ay hindi mo aakalain ang masakit at masaklap na nakaraan niya ang inaakala ng lahat na matapang...
  • tears
  • girl
  • coldhearted
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Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2) Wings by weallarethesame
Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2)...by :,)
[[[COMPLETED]]] (Sequel to "Mika X Reader: Blood") "Everything you know is wrong, (Name)." He takes hold of your shoulders and shakes you, eyes wide...
  • mika
  • xreader
  • seraphoftheend
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The Blood Slave {MikaYuu} EDITING  by xXxJINX
The Blood Slave {MikaYuu} EDITING by xXx.jinx
  • yuu
  • fanfiction
  • owarinoseraph
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Possessive♤MikaYuu (Semi-hiatus)  by fruitasticc
Possessive♤MikaYuu (Semi-hiatus) by Jojo
A blood-sucking, unknowing manipulator obsessing over his love, Yuichiro. Their relationship is toxic, however their souls are so drawn to each other to where they can n...
  • seraphoftheend
  • fanfiction
  • mikaelashindo
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Heroes || A LOK Fanfiction by MissPrima
Heroes || A LOK Fanfictionby erica
Republic City. The great city that rose from the Fire Nation Colonies. Dakota Lee believes she can finally become someone alongside the Avatar, but little do they realiz...
  • projectwomanup
  • mika
  • tlab-lokwa2018
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Complicated *Yuumika* by KillerBrownieBite
Complicated *Yuumika*by In_The_Bright_Lights
A kingdom overthrown by a greedy kings brother and hid away the royal family away deep in the dungeon. Once Yuu's friends get caught by some guards when he gets their wi...
  • gay
  • mikayuu
  • royalt
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Cafe by Lillian_Galla
Cafeby Lillylou
Alright so I'm a sucker for fluff, so I think this will just be a bunch of adorable idiots like my other fic. This story will contain Otayuri and Victyuuri and it is boy...
  • victor
  • otabek
  • victyuuri
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Im The Gangster Princess [COMPLETED] by JS_Dear
Im The Gangster Princess [COMPLETE...by JS_Dear
Ayoko sa GANGSTERS!!!sabi ko. Pero pano kung biglang dumating siya?Bigla niyang winasak lahat ng sinabi ko na ayaw ko ng gangsters?Ano ang magagawa ko? Magiging kami kay...
  • boyish
  • cherlynder
  • mika
Ferid Bathory x reader  by _luna_nightmare_
Ferid Bathory x reader by Luna
When vampires attacked your family was killed by the virus But there is something you can't forget... A man who let you escape... No oder that fe...
  • lacus
  • renne
  • ferid
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Krul's Cousin (owari no seraph) (#Wattys2017) by ShadowWitch601
Krul's Cousin (owari no seraph) (#...by EvilFairy
What will happen when Krul's cousin comes to visit after being gone for so long? What will happen when the humans know she is back and now are ready to use her as cursed...
  • vampires
  • humans
  • crowley
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Pics Of Cute Yaoi Boys by DominiqueHenry235
Pics Of Cute Yaoi Boysby olivia Henry
Welcome to my new book, its pics of cute boys and men • Some pics are smutty and others are cute • PS all the art belongs to their creators • hope you enjoy;) #1 in rand...
  • love
  • mikaxyuu
  • random
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Take me Away (Mika x Yuu)  by mylifeisjustgreat
Take me Away (Mika x Yuu) by go away
An AU, where Yuu actually decides to run away with Mika... Cover by the one and only: @wonderful_fangirl !!! Go and follow her right away!!!
  • best
  • fanfic
  • yuu
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Demons Love For A Human (Sam x reader) (Seduce me the otome) by AnOldIdiot
Demons Love For A Human (Sam x rea...by AnOldIdiot
You and your sister: Mika. We're moving into your grandfathers mansion. And you didn't have a choice. But as you enter the house you and Mika find yourselves in a sticky...
  • badass
  • damian
  • otome
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Twice's Manager | Twice FF by WhileATeen
Twice's Manager | Twice FFby 시에나리
Twice x Female Reader FF JYP, the owner of JYP Entertainment, decided to hire his favorite girls, Twice, a new manager that would live with them and to help manage thei...
  • momo
  • jeongyeon
  • mina
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The Light And The Darkness. Seraph Of The End X Reader Fanfiction   by Levi_is_da_wae
The Light And The Darkness. Seraph...by Levi_is_da_wae
Hello. My name is Kayana Shiona.I am neither vampire nor human Welcome to my world. Twisted,cruel,disgusting.It's hard living out here but with my power. I'm sure I won'...
  • owarinoseraph
  • kimizuki
  • hyakuya
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Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Lemons by BringBackMaes14
Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Lemo...by Queen of Bitches
I've started playing this game, and I have really been enjoying it. I haven't played the second game yet, so I don't have all the canon bits and pieces of information, b...
  • erik
  • seducemetheotome
  • bath
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 (Mika x Male Reader x Yuu by Emily_Historia13
(Mika x Male Reader x Yuuby Em
Y/n L/n is a researcher looking for hidden secrets. Everyone thinks he's dumb and thinks he won't find anything good. But what if Y/n summoned 2 boys that are not what t...
  • yuu
  • yaoi
  • mika
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Broken Bonds (SasuSaku) Editing by ReverieRabbit
Broken Bonds (SasuSaku) Editingby Rev
"I changed myself so you wouldn't recognize me." -Sakura "No matter what. I still love you." -Sasuke With the cursed tree, will they be strangers...
  • mystery
  • sakura
  • sasuke
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Let Me See That Smile Again (Mika x Reader) by Bubble_Jellyfish
Let Me See That Smile Again (Mika...by ..Princess..
(Y/n) had lived with the so called 'family' in the orphanage. She was actually was the first orphan there. After (y/n) was a blonde boy named Mikaela Hyakuya. And so it...
  • yuu
  • anime
  • xreaderstory
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Various: Seraph of the End x Reader by Kohakuroll
Various: Seraph of the End x Readerby boop ♥️
X.U. starts playing.. ~ It's time for a new various x reader? Well, don't wait! (ahem, Shinoa's voice may take over) Here comes a bunch of cuties to protect you~ (okay...
  • shinya
  • ferid
  • seraphoftheend
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