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Linkedby Lauren Jones
For 17 year old Benna Denman, it's hard enough being the president's daughter. And when she develops a telepathic Link, life gets even worse. Her father isn't impressed...
  • telepathicteens
  • adventure
  • family
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Amity by RobertDarius
Amityby Darius Norvell
Seventeen-year-old Ke'Undre Wolf's life is anything but exciting; he's just a regular high school student, dealing with the regular high school issues. However, after me...
  • new-york
  • magic
  • summersunawards
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A Grace of Crowns | Wattys 2016 Winner by Amanda-Mae
A Grace of Crowns | Wattys 2016 Amanda Mae
❖ TWISTED KINGDOMS Book 1 ❖ Traitor. Spy. Assassin. This is Isla's quest for the truth, and her slow spiral into becoming her very own worst nightmare. When the gods asc...
  • featured
  • ownvoices
  • mindcontrol
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Marked ✔️ by BlAckRosE7777777
Marked ✔️by Ellie
"She'd imagined her capture a million different ways. They'd come for her like thieves in the night and rip her from her bed. Sometimes, if she tried hard enough...
  • dystopian
  • wattys2018
  • talkthepoc
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The Sixtieth Floor (Rewriting) by nicholetailor
The Sixtieth Floor (Rewriting)by Nichole Tailor
The Sixtieth Floor challenge is a fight for your life. If you win, you win fame, power, and you'll be set for life. If you lose... you're dead. Anyone can try it, but wh...
  • mind
  • sciencefiction
  • action
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Carnival Souls by RedasNight
Carnival Soulsby E. M. Leon
Every night she plays...and every night they come... Lira is a violinist by nature and a performer by imprisonment. Stolen as a child by a malevolent wraith and trapped...
  • nanowrimo
  • breakthecliches
  • witch
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A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure One Book I by stpolishook
A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure Stacey L. Polishook
A struggling king, the rebel leader who would see him defeated, and a woman with the ability to sway the tide of history. These three storylines come together in an epic...
  • rebellion
  • fae
  • swords
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shiver (FEATURED) | ✓ by stardust24601
shiver (FEATURED) | ✓by — holmes
**CURRENTLY A FEATURED STORY** highest ranking: #11 in Science fiction ❝true happiness is only achieved without freedom. There is a girl who wakes to a world that she w...
  • science
  • grandlgbt
  • projectwomanup
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Ink Me Insane (Book One) by Inked_Insane
Ink Me Insane (Book One)by Inked
For Rene Sparks, it all began with some ink and a knife. Two dragons, one black, the other one white, appeared from nowhere to adorn her arms when she was only eleven. T...
  • humor
  • mentalhealth
  • adventure
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The Exception by musicalme1011
The Exceptionby Anna Marie Nieves
When unexplained reasons push Josh Williams away from his dysfunctional, backbiting family, he must go to great lengths to prove that he is not affected by the generatio...
  • wattys2018
  • tco
  • original
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Wings of War by thebirdwhisperer
Wings of Warby Lauren
Verana was almost kidnapped as a child, but the only reason she wasn't taken was that of a little human boy. . . a little boy she's all but forgotten. Now, being the Vol...
  • powers
  • magic
  • multicultural
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Silent Symphony by shadowsleek
Silent Symphonyby Mya Brava
Peace can't last forever when war is the law of man. For years, Eli's village was content to ignore the signs. ...the silence, the whispers, the cold... Then in on...
  • tco
  • writersdefense
  • band
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The Amulet Series: Queen of Fire by mansi747
The Amulet Series: Queen of Fireby Cici101
Scarlett Faye has a gift. No one knows. No one must know. Or else they will hurt her. Scarlett Faye hasn't stepped foot into the outside world in 17 years. Now that...
  • action
  • tco
  • historical
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Black Ink. by 7WeeksOfWinter
Black Rusul
"You might think knowing who your soulmate was would be the best thing ever, but it isn't when you can't find out until it's all too late." "You might t...
  • youngadultreads
  • sad
  • lgbqt
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Equinox by no_kidding
Equinoxby Kidding
Everyone knows of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter--the four seasons. Who they don't know of is their sister, Equinox, or how the four seasons came to be. Equinox is...
  • orion
  • tco
  • winter
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Oriehn | Completed  by AdaWelle
Oriehn | Completed by Adaline Welles
He kneaded his lips together. "You are not a warden," He croaked. At hearing his voice, raspy from underuse, I stilled but nevertheless nodded. He visibly gulp...
  • scifi
  • space
  • sciencefiction
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GRAVITY FALLS {COMPLETED} #WATTYS2016 by pranjaliaditi
Science fiction #1 Highest Rank #1 in science fiction...;) What's hot- rank #1 in Science Fiction Featured on Science Fiction Reading list at @IndiaCentral ___________ W...
  • friendship
  • gravity
  • sciencefiction
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What Dreams May Come by jaeshanks
What Dreams May Comeby Jae
{✨Book 1✨} The year is 2162. Four light years from Earth, the first human colony struggles to survive on a planet without breathable air with a limited population. Dylan...
  • 22ndcentury
  • youngadultfiction
  • projectwomanup
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The Rebel Princess (Removed 5/17/2018) by JamieBlackmarr
The Rebel Princess (Removed 5/17/ JamieBlackmarr
Removed 5/17/2018, see inside for further details.
  • sisters
  • wattys2016
  • war
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Cinder Falls 💫 [Preview] {FCRA's Awe-Inspiring Antagonist Winner!} by _Palen
Cinder Falls 💫 [Preview] {FCRA' S O R A H
[PREVIEW ONLY] Winner of the FCRA's Awe-Inspiring Antagonist Category! Ember has grown accustomed to the cruelty of her Magix family. They laugh at her, mock her, give h...
  • fairytale
  • cinder
  • romance
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