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A Grace of Crowns | Wattys 2016 Winner by Amanda-Mae
A Grace of Crowns | Wattys 2016 Amanda Mae
❖ TWISTED KINGDOMS Book 1 ❖ Traitor. Spy. Assassin. This is Isla's quest for the truth, and her slow spiral into becoming her very own worst nightmare. When the gods asc...
Ink Me Insane (Book One) by Inked_Insane
Ink Me Insane (Book One)by Inked
For Rene Sparks, it all began with some ink and a knife. Two dragons, one black, the other one white, appeared from nowhere to adorn her arms when she was only eleven. T...
Linked by lozzykiwi
Linkedby Lauren Jones
For 17 year old Benna Denman, it's hard enough being the president's daughter. And when she develops a telepathic Link, life gets even worse. Her father isn't impressed...
shiver (FEATURED) | ✓ by stardust24601
shiver (FEATURED) | ✓by — holmes
**CURRENTLY A FEATURED STORY** highest ranking: #11 in Science fiction ❝true happiness is only achieved without freedom. There is a girl who wakes to a world that she w...
A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure One Book I by stpolishook
A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure Stacey L. Polishook
A struggling king, the rebel leader who would see him defeated, and a woman with the ability to sway the tide of history. These three storylines come together in an epic...
The Creative Ones  by KemeticPrincess
The Creative Ones by KemeticWithaCookie
Irene was just a normal 16 year old girl, until she figured out that her brother, Damien, had magical abilities, and like him, decides to get her some herself. After def...
AvA/M Oneshots And More II by TotallyHenryStickmin
AvA/M Oneshots And More IIby Anna
This is my second instalment of AvA/M oneshots! you don't have to read the first one it's okay, but I will not start writing straight away, I am sorry about that. I just...
Marked ✔️ by BlAckRosE7777777
Marked ✔️by Ellie
100 years into the future, the deadly E-91 virus has decimated the world population and one government has resorted to the unorthodox method of mind control to ensure it...
Five Stages by autumncnelson
Five Stagesby Autumn Nelson
- Highest Rank #340 in Science Fiction - Reena Day lives with her selfless mother, annoying (but genius) older brother Monte, and a set of hyperactive twins (Mary and C...
Wings of War by thebirdwhisperer
Wings of Warby 🇺🇸 Lauren 🇫🇷
Verana was almost kidnapped as a child, but the only reason she wasn't taken was that of a little human boy. . . a little boy she's all but forgotten. Now, being the Vol...
More Things In Heaven And Earth by eacomiskey
More Things In Heaven And Earthby Elizabeth Comiskey
Book one in the "Heaven and Earth" series. "The veil is coming down. What will be revealed about you?" Simone Fitzgerald battles for a normal life ag...
Equinox by no_kidding
Equinoxby Kidding
Everyone knows of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter--the four seasons. Who they don't know of is their sister, Equinox, or how the four seasons came to be. Equinox is...
Planet Death  by DaniellaRouchy
Planet Death by DestinyHunter
A newly discovered planet known as X-Dark-43-55 has taken the lives of scavengers giving a report to the bounty hunters, given them a reason to visit this dangerous doma...
Nightingale by VioletSun5
Nightingaleby Violet Sun
Phina was twelve when she fledged and her life changed forever. Gone was her sister, two years older, who dried her tears and rocks her to sleep at night. Gone were the...
The Rebel Princess (Removed 5/17/2018) by Jamie-Michelle
The Rebel Princess (Removed 5/17/ Jamie-Michelle
Removed 5/17/2018, see inside for further details.
The washed up mermaid of the German waters by Damienrocks118
The washed up mermaid of the Mr. X
In 1941, a young teenager, who's Father is a Military sergeant, discovers a body at Miami Beach. He later realizes that the body isn't the body of a human, but the body...
 🔴The Chosen Ones🔵 by BlueWolfeWrites
🔴The Chosen Ones🔵by BlueWolfeWrites
A boy named Blue discovered something that would change his life. He used this "discovery" of his to find his sister that disappeared right away after he disco...
The Check [ON HOLD] by kenzie_le_nerd
The Check [ON HOLD]by Kenzie Grace
"The world is falling into disaster, Cassie. The enemy's performing underground operations, completely wiped from any survivors' minds. The worst part is, we don't...