A little advice from me: Always write. No matter in what situation or where at. When you're mad or sad, don't take your pain and anger out on people. Write it, even if the sentence doesn't make sense. Go into detail on how you feel. You can throw it away when you're finished, but trust me I know the feeling of not knowing what to do when I'm mad and sad. I hate the feeling of having a mental break down. Writing has helped me. A lot. Writing is not a talent. Anyone can write. Writing is a passion. In order to make yourself become a better writer, you have to love it and feel the emotion in your writing.

I am 19. A female. Also, a writer and a photographer. I am also a Slytherin. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I am also a fan of Slashers and IT, Marvel, DC, and Gotham, Bates Motel, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, Supernatural, and Shameless!!

I have a lot of anime crushes, but Tamaki (MHA) is my soulmate. He is just so precious. Just..I adore him sooo much. He tops the rest.

HIDAN IS MY LOVER. Praise Jashin!!!! Ughhhhh, he's MINE ❤️

My character crushes are Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, Draco Malfoy, Dylan Massett, R the zombie, Newt S. Elijah Mikaelson, and Dean Winchester.

Creepypasta crush is Masky!!!! Sooo sexy. And I love Marble Hornets!

Nightwing-Dick Grayson-is my DC lover.

Spider-Man..ugh..just. Sexy. My marvel lover.

Rorschach (watchmen) OBSESSED! Oh, and I love 011. I FREAKIN ADORE HER!!!

I am obsessed with The Evil Within Series. Like, really obsessed!!!! My favorite games of all time!!! Just, ughhh, I'm too obsessed to even explain my love for it ❤️

Thank you for viewing my profile and I hope you enjoy my fandom work and my own work in the future.

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