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Just a baby 💕 by Anxiety_on_broadway
Just a baby 💕by ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vincent doesn't like keeping secrets from his boyfriends... He'd done everything he could and only barley hid it from Felix with a few close calls, what made him think h...
BAU's Baby by aestheticpixieprince
BAU's Babyby aestheticpixieprince
After a very difficult case, Reid has a hard time readjusting to work and ends up regressing. The team works together to take care of him, and he fights them on it at fi...
Little Consulting Detective by aestheticpixieprince
Little Consulting Detectiveby aestheticpixieprince
Sherlock has been abducted by Moriarty and is now being kept as his baby. Sherlock is very difficult to handle at first, but will he eventually come around and love his...
My little girl by ezra-evancarter
My little girlby ezra-evancarter
Me, it's Kayden, I'm an English teacher in a terminal class. I'm also a daddy looking for a little princess
Sweet girl  by AdoringlyFlorence
Sweet girl by Scarly’s girl <3
Each person designated little has their first drop on their 16th birthday. There, they are taken to a centre run by the government where they remain until they are match...
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG) by little_Honey_bxby
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG)by little_Honey_bxby
Mia, a girl who does not even know what DDLG is but her stalker catches her walking alone at night, what happens when he makes her be a little. start- 11/15/22 end- 12/1...
Itty Bitty Sinners -Oneshots, Ficlets, and More by NottaPossum
Itty Bitty Sinners -Oneshots, ⚠️Not a possum ⚠️
One shots, ficlets, head-cannons, and more that take place in my Hazbin hotel classification AU called: Itty Bitty Sinners 💖SFW interaction only this is age regression...
Slowly [] SLOW UPDATES []  by ZiamNarry
Slowly [] SLOW UPDATES [] by Case
Leah was your ordinary girl, being raised by her father. Until, her father gets a life changing job, driving the tour bus for One Direction. And Leah gets taken along th...
Harry Potter and the Classification Potion by rachelih
Harry Potter and the rachelih
Everyone gets tested and classified at the age of seventeen, except Harry Potter. When Severus Snape forces Harry to drink the potion the results are not as expected.
A Fairy's Guardian (rough Draft) by Shaddow_pet
A Fairy's Guardian (rough Draft)by Melody Emery
Ember Hawrhorn was always good at stealing, it was how the young fairy survived. After leaving her abusive mother at the age of 14, she had spent the last five years on...
My Mafia Mommy. (discontinued) by mommybillie
My Mafia Mommy. (discontinued)by billieismymommy
Rose is a little girl who wants a mommy. Maybe she'll get when she wants..but there may be trouble in paradise...
The Villain's Twin Baby Boys by madkyra
The Villain's Twin Baby Boysby OC-almost-everything
Kyle and Lee, twin brothers, were on a hunt when they get knocked out by a mysterious person, and when they wake up..... its certainly NOT what they were expecting. For...
Forever My Bambina  by xDani_Stefx
Forever My Bambina by xDani_Stefx
Carina has finally moved back in but Maya is still trying to heal . Diane suggests a coping mechanism that Carina is more than willing to help Maya with . WARNING: this...
the wish giver by MoonlightStarbite
the wish giverby 🫶sun and moon🫶
abby was 25 years old. what happens when she finds the wish giver and she can do what ever she likes? #3 in wish (idk 2022) #5 in wish (oct 2023)
🦉💜Give me Something to hold onto ❤️🐴 by NottaPossum
🦉💜Give me Something to hold ⚠️Not a possum ⚠️
Age regression AU: Stolas and Blitzø are friends. And when they find out the other regresses, they now want to take care of each other. But can the Imp and the Owl overc...
MDLB  Celeb Oneshots by user1022839
MDLB Celeb Oneshotsby user1022839
Some prompts of your favorite male celebrity's that are in madly (non sexual) relationship with you! Read the prompts to see how your adventures go with them throughout...
Itty Bitty imps: One shots, ficlets, and more by NottaPossum
Itty Bitty imps: One shots, ⚠️Not a possum ⚠️
One shots, ficlets, head-cannons, and more that take place in my Helluva boss classification AU called: Itty Bitty Imps All these stories are part of my classification A...
Little One (Will Riker Agere Story) by deuce_tiberius
Little One (Will Riker Agere Story)by Deuce
Will hadn't even really been aware that it was something he did until Deanna mentioned it when they first began seeing each other. He wasn't sure if he would go as far a...
My Horror Daddy by JinglesElephant
My Horror Daddyby Koda
Rosealina, a small girl with brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles everywhere on her face, with a birthmark of a heart on her nose. Finds a creepy old forest and decided...
Precious Moments (m.yg + by mikunjin
Precious Moments (m.yg + mikunjin
MYG +KSJ "Every moment spent with you is precious, baby boy" Oneshots/twoshots of little space Min Yoongi and his caregiver/daddy Kim Seokjin + the rest of Ban...