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Grandmas house by Lachlang7
Grandmas houseby Diaper Lover 767
About a kid named Jaxson who wets himself and has to wear diapers
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A Diaper Day Off by GGman01
A Diaper Day Offby GGman
Elizabeth wants to enjoy her day off of school without her parents around in the best way possible... with diapers! Will she be able to try everything she wants to befor...
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Sanders Sides-> Omorashi Oneshots by Screeshesofpain
Sanders Sides-> Omorashi Oneshotsby Virgil is life
Omorashi bois lets go Memes Don't like don't read If you don't know what Omorashi is: It's kinkabout piss and desperation and o
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The Story of Paris by -roses-and-thorns-
The Story of Parisby Rosaline
Paris is having the summer of her life! Going to the Oregon beaches and local pool almost everyday was the life to live. But one night, her streak of a perfect life gets...
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The Dare by pizzajoe123
The Dareby pizzajoe123
How a girl named Ava and her best friend Julia got in diapers.
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The Robot Babysitter by Joisasneaki
The Robot Babysitterby Jo
Meg has done drugs and had destructive parties during past week long spring breaks. But not this time, her parents are making sure of it.
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The bad boy's Daddy by anime_kitty_lover123
The bad boy's Daddyby Kitty
Jesse is the schools bad boy. Kyle is the schools quarterback. Jesse is into ageplay, maybe Kyle can be his caregiver? Warning: Cursing, smut, ageplay, diapers, abuse, d...
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Draco Malfoy Omorashi (Harry Potter) by omofanfic
Draco Malfoy Omorashi (Harry Potte...by omofanfic (Billie)
How will Draco manage his bladder issues while also studying at Hogwarts and keeping his bad boy image?
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2s company, 4s a family  by Im2a2BI2bitxh
2s company, 4s a family by Im2a2BI2bitxh
Peter is finally getting his life in order and is happy with his adoptive parents when a guest comes to stay. A war strikes between Harley and Peter for Tony's love and...
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Omorashi- peeing John  by sleeping_pillow_zzz
Omorashi- peeing John by sleeping_pillow_zzz
If you are into omorashi, pee desperation stories then....try reading this:)) there's some abuse and starvation in this....but...I hope you like it. I draw for some of t...
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Babysitting (abdl) by little123321
Babysitting (abdl)by Matt whep
Charlie was babysitting 4 boys and a gurl. Patten who was 6 Tanner who was also 6 and zen who was 11. He was also babysitting lieiv who was 8 months and and Lilly who wa...
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Nano's Enchantment by takumi41
Nano's Enchantmentby takumi41
Nano, a normal Japanese girl, who was living her life the best that she could. One day she stumbles along a mysterious box that has an odd wish. Not thinking much about...
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Little avengers by onlyknows
Little avengersby onlyknows
Some of the avengers and the defenders are littles and the others serve as mommy and daddies
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Camp Freedom by louisandpenguins
Camp Freedomby louisandpenguins
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn are all sent to a camp for boys who have trouble controlling their bladders. This is the story of their friendship and their time at c...
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Omorashi One-Shots by night_whispers29
Omorashi One-Shotsby nightwhispers
This is just some stories about wetting and desperation. It's mostly going to be female, but I'll write a few male ones too. Feel free to leave suggestions!
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Accidents Happen- A Harry Potter Fanfic by Deamus_Always
Accidents Happen- A Harry Potter F...by Deamus_Always
Dean discovers that Seamus has been wetting the bed at night, and tries to help his boyfriend out.. I do not own any of the characters , full credit to JK Rowling
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Omorashi Stories by Omo_Writer
Omorashi Storiesby Omo_Stories
These Are Female omorashi stories and if you do not like omorashi, click away from this, you do not need to read it but for those of you interested, I welcome you with o...
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The Baby Programme by emma4176
The Baby Programmeby emma4176
Lexi goes to visit a friend in hospital goes to the wrong corridor. She goes to a special one and is signed up for 'the baby programme' where people re-grow up if they a...
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-Pee- by SPOMO1
-Pee-by 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽
Another pee fic 😯🚽
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Diapered by the evil little sister  by dlbaby93
Diapered by the evil little sister by dlbaby93
Your little sister is tired of getting picked on and is gonna change everything
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