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Cover of Night |A Vampire Mumbo Fic| by XShadowCasterX
Cover of Night |A Vampire Mumbo XShadowCasterX
Mumbo Jumbo was a vampire. He lived on Hermitcraft as one of the Hermits, and kept this secret locked behind closed doors. He could keep himself under control, and no on...
Grumbo Oneshots by BriarOrbit
Grumbo Oneshotsby Briar
NOT UPDATING ANYMORE!!! - read the title :) - cover art is mine - i ship their minecraft personas, not real people, and this will be taken down if they make a post about...
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshots by RatPrints
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshotsby {Onyx/Rat}
Requests always open. No 18+ I will try and write as much as I can. Please read my other stories ❤️
ruffled feathers  by nonexistent2244
ruffled feathers by will2liveisgone
mumbo and grian begin setting dares for one another, playing 'chicken' until one gives up. failing to realise both were as stubborn as one another. feelings seem to e...
We're Together.. Forever by RyGameNico
We're Together.. Foreverby にっく
Grian x mumbo Grian sneaks into Mumbo's vault and find something he would've never expected.. Updates come out whenever I can upload
Grian-based one-shots by Daddy_Long_Leg_1
Grian-based one-shotsby Bread boi
The name says it. There will be ships but I am shipping only the Minecraft characters and not real life people. You can write your suggestions in the comments. Hope u en...
Grumbo Oneshots  by SaltyCherries
Grumbo Oneshots by Jasper
Oh Avians ~ Hermitcraft Short Story by H0L0_GRAM
Oh Avians ~ Hermitcraft Short Storyby H0L0_GRAM
In which Mumbo realises that avians aren't so similar to humans than he had originally thought.. [Mumbo and Grian had been friends for years now, but it's only until rec...
grian oneshots :) by Insanmity
grian oneshots :)by ria
Hello ! Thanks if you're going to read this :) This is my first oneshot book i will take request and such :)! 1st in #mumbo as of February 6! No smut Moved to AO3 but po...
MCYT Oneshot Book !! by Notimportaintchild
MCYT Oneshot Book !!by volpeboy
Yet another book I'm making that I don't have time for! A collection of oneshots based on Hermitcraft, Empires SMP and the life series! Please read the intro chapter for...
Grumbo oneshots by thathermitweirdo
Grumbo oneshotsby Weirdo
I only ship their Minecraft personas, NOT THE REAL HERMITS. And if Mumbo or Grian ever make a post about being uncomfortable with being shipped, this will be taken down.
[COMPLETED] hermitcraft oneshots & drabbles by characterized-cheese
[COMPLETED] hermitcraft characterized-cheese
[NOW COMPLETED] Read the intro chapter for more info and details :)) includes some shipping! minecraft personas only. no smut
Project HermitVengers by captainmarra1099
Project HermitVengersby Capt. Cinnabun :]
"There was an idea... the idea was to bring together a group of of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together...
Is Grian Sick??!!! Discontinued  by Brownfeather43
Is Grian Sick??!!! Discontinued by Brownfeather 43
authors note( I fully respect their relationship In real life and in hermitcraft but again this is just my au this does not relate to real life)( this is a minecraft sto...
Eva's New Hermitcraft and Dream SMP Oneshots by Meva400
Eva's New Hermitcraft and Dream Eva
I've decided to start a new book with my new oneshots, all minecraft related, probably Grian or George focused. No SMUT and I'm not even sorry. There's enough of it out...
Winged Grian/hermit one shots  by Feather3041
Winged Grian/hermit one shots by Feather3041
Requests open Grian has wings and is an avian If you want a ship the only ship I'm willing to do right now is Grumbo
Blood and Tears - Grumbo Vampire AU by thathermitweirdo
Blood and Tears - Grumbo Vampire AUby Weirdo
Grian needs to hunt down a monster in the forest, a creature of unexplainable powers that he has been instructed to capture. But instead of a ferocious beast, he meets M...
Welcome to Hermitcraft! (Grian x Mumbo Jumbo) Child!reader by SageTerror08
Welcome to Hermitcraft! (Grian x Sage
In this story, you will be yourself essentially, so I will be using things like y\n or e\c. the first chapter is going to be a list of these so if you don't know or reme...
Hermitcraft + Empires one-shots! by MumboKJumbo707
Hermitcraft + Empires one-shots!by Mumbo K Jumbo
Request's open! Will write: • Gay Smut • Kinks • Pretty Much Anything Not In The 'No' List Will NOT write: • Abuse • Fetishes • Straight Smut A work by me, Oli, AKA Mu...