We Didn't Ask For This (#wattys2018) by _-CA-_
We Didn't Ask For This ( _-CA-_
*Book 1 of the End Series* The disease was almost like a tsunami, approaching and eventually destroying everything you had once known. You could see it from afar. You kn...
  • children
  • death
  • dystopia
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The Plague by Savitar31
The Plagueby 5h0ckW4v3
In a dystopian future where the Earth is running low on resources, a group of astronauts go on a journey to find a new home, but they find something else. (Story Cover b...
  • apocalypse
  • alien
  • alienvirus
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Fall Of Cybertron ❜ 🌽 | GFRIEND ✫ SEVENTEEN ✫ APINK ↻ SU by sweetoxic_jenny
Fall Of Cybertron ❜ 🌽 | GFRIEND ✫ 전 단 아🌼
❝Baik kau jauhi Eunji tu.. Sebelum semuanya terlambat❞ - Dk ❝Hohoho.. Suka btol kau cakap pasal Eunji.. Ehem! Kau ada hati eh kat dia? Ngegege❞ - Yerin ❝Aku tak!❞ - Dk ❝...
  • blind
  • cybertron
  • doctor
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Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay by FuryIndignato6
Zombie Apocalypse Roleplayby Fury Indignato
It's all in the title! Roleplay a Zombie Apocalypse... pretty simple!
  • roleplay
  • virus
  • rp
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Out of the Shadows by ultimatefantasy13
Out of the Shadowsby ultimatefantasy13
Fresh out of high school, at the age of early seventeen and on the edge of discovering her future, Iris Ahmed Nichols had finally reached the bend in the road. A new yea...
  • iris
  • hale
  • danger
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Lay Under The Stars [Zombie Novel] by SadisticImpalement
Lay Under The Stars [Zombie Novel]by YasminYsabelSenpai👑
「Fantajī Workshop Series」 "As a child, I've always thought that it would be cool to slay zombies and be a badass. Oh boy, did I jinx the future" When an infect...
  • romance
  • novel
  • zombiesurvival
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World in Chaos by Ikps12
World in Chaosby Ikps12
A new virus was released into the world, ending countless lives as well as the world as we knew it. What will become of this new world? Will it be a new world with count...
  • virus
  • humanity
  • scifi-fantasy
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Straitjacket by izzywriter
Straitjacketby All Who Wander
(PREVIOUSLY "SO ACTUALLY, I'M NOT OKAY) Sixteen-year-old Sage Greene was locked in a maximum-security asylum for the criminally insane after murdering nearly 200 ci...
  • insanity
  • virus
  • crazy
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Stole Away My Happiness by KkLabyrinth
Stole Away My Happinessby Kkyaw
She was going to get expelled this week due to a fight that broke out which wasn't even her fault. To her eyes society is trash but to some it may be different. What can...
  • hotd
  • virus
  • hisashi
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The Children of Infection by ZETIAN8
The Children of Infectionby Zet
No spoilers, not yet.
  • apocalypse
  • horror
  • zombiesurvival
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Le Labyrinthe: Au Delà du Refuge by fandulabyrinthe
Le Labyrinthe: Au Delà du Refugeby Thaïs Blue
Tout le monde connait Thomas et les autres blocards, tout le monde sait qu'ils sont parvenus à trouver une sortie au Labyrinthe, tout le monde sait qu'ils ont survécu à...
  • leremedemortel
  • intuitivité
  • jamesdashner
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Ztracen v naději by RoseWestwood
Ztracen v nadějiby LucyStilinski
Co všechno se může pokazit za jeden den? Vždycky jsem si říkala, že maximálně nějaký ten test ve škole, rozchod s milovanou osobou nebo smrt člena rodiny, ať už se jedná...
  • svet
  • postapokalyptické
  • zivot
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|| APOCALYPSE || by Twennypur
|| APOCALYPSE ||by Ralliot`rose
Well, the title said it all! "Seven boys and one girl, wondering surviving from all the chaos the world is on right now. The more they survive, the more the boys de...
  • bangtansonyeodan
  • action
  • virus
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cerita lucu kehidupan creepypasta by HimoutoHikari
cerita lucu kehidupan creepypastaby ????
ini cerita agak garing (ada karakter tambahan)
  • virus
  • pasta
  • comedy
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Broken Mind by shadowheart1000
Broken Mindby shadowheart1000
Prisoned with no contact from the outside world, Vanessa walker has been behind bars for 8 years now. All it took was for one moment and everything changed. The world fe...
  • walkingdead
  • death
  • love
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"Nefasto veneno" by _Mariecute_
"Nefasto veneno"by ~Romina Paz
"Una mal movimiento no solo puede costarte la vida si no también la de un grupo entero,una región o un país completo...a veces vives y otras veces sobrevives"
  • enfermedad
  • muerte
  • chile
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Foresight by gracelynpine
Foresightby Gracelyn Pine
Rain is the kind of woman to fight the good fight and run while she can still survive. But what's about to come will turn anyone's blood cold. 250 years earlier the Algr...
  • survival
  • zombies
  • faery
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El Silencio Del Mundo by Cesaritto
El Silencio Del Mundoby CodeAndrew lol
El Mundo que conocíamos a desaparecido... la humanidad sobrevive, pero se han olvidado de los que nos humanos. Matamos para vivir un día mas en este mundo, robamos para...
  • supervivencia
  • apocalipsis
  • zombies
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Tasting Evil by andyw111
Tasting Evilby Andy Williams
Craving blood and Gore?Well,this story is for you!
  • pain
  • scars
  • zombieapocalypse
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Immune by natcoop22
Immuneby getpaidgetlaidgatorade
"You're insane, Ben! You can't do this! You can't!" she yelled, flailing frantically as they began to drag her down the hall against her will. "It'll neve...
  • wattpride
  • disease
  • cure
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