Neptunic, Genderqueer 

I guess I'll just put this here

Fandoms I'm in: Star Wars (Till episode VII), Game of Thrones, Supernatural (Up until season 8), MLP, MLB, Thomas Sanders, Markimoo & Jackaboi, Fairy Tail along with some other animes, Magical Girl Animes, Marvel (I'm still new), Disney, Nickolodian, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Steven Universe, FNAF, Heroes, Winx, Once Upon a Time, Power Rangers Samurai, Hazbin Hotel...

I'll put more if I think of any or join new fandoms


Ships I... Ship:

HP: Drarry, Haron, Lumione

Sanders Sides: Logicality, Prinxiety, Demus, Remile, Royality, Anxsleep, Moceit, Intrulogical

YouTube: Crankiplier, Septiplier, Jon Cozart×Thomas Sanders

Fairy Tail: Nalu, Gratsu, Gruvia, Luvia, ErzaJane, Miraxus, Rowen

Sailor Moon: Usagi×Mamoru, Chibiusa×Hotaru, Ami×Usagi, Michiru×Haruka, Minako×Usagi

Precure: Mana×Rikka, Mana×Makoto, Mana×Regina, Miyuki×Reika, Akane×Mao

Madoka Magica: Madoka×Homura, Sayaka×Kyoko

Other: InuKag, ShiraZen, Tomani, YonaHawk, Gogeta, GoTrunks

Supernatural: Destiel, Sabriel, Samifer, Crobby

Percy Jackson: Percabeth, Solangelo

Miraculous Ladybug: Ladynoir/Adrienette

Heros: Claire×West Peter×Caitlen

MLP: Flutterdash, Twiset, Rarijack, Trixie×Starlight

Steven Universe: Lapidot, Perithyst, Amepearl, Stevonnie, Kevamie

Victorious: Jori

Once: Emma×August, Snow×David, Belle×Rumplestiltskin, Captain Swan, Ruby×Dorothy, Robin×Alice, Swan Queen

Power Rangers: Jaytonio, Kevike, Emia, Emike

Marvel: IronStrange, SpideyPool
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