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falling /// sanders sides soulmate au by stanrobbieskinner
falling /// sanders sides soulmate...by just a worm
Patton lives in a world where the first words your soulmate says to you is written on your skin. The permentant presence of the words 'You're in my seat' on his thigh ha...
The Caged and The Free by thegaygrimreaper
The Caged and The Freeby Ashton aka Death
Logan is a prince, along with his twin brother Roman. He hates it. Roman loves being royalty, but to Logan, it's exhausting. One day, he meets a villager named Patton...
Monarchy - Sanders Sides by ElliottGreen333
Monarchy - Sanders Sidesby Ellybean
Prince Logan, soon to be king, is in desperate need of a partner before the full blue moon, which he will be married under the light of. After begging his mother for a g...
Laws of Magic (SanderSides magic au) by SiaCallisto
Laws of Magic (SanderSides magic a...by Callisto
In a world where magic and mythical creatures is the normal, follow 8 teenagers who are enrolled in the Imperium high school. The witches and werewolves despise each oth...
By No Logical Reason ( logicality school AU ) by Hannah_that1fangirl
By No Logical Reason ( logicality...by ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
By no logical reason would Logan (logic) and Patton (Morality) ever be considered friends let alone anything more than that. In high school people stick to their own gr...
Sander Sides Smut Stories[REQUESTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED] by Strange_Theatre_Kid
Sander Sides Smut Stories[REQUESTS...by Strange_Theatre_Kid
You've read the title. You know what's going down. (Art is not mine) I have to close requests for a while, I have only so many that I can write at once.
He Was There (A Logicality Story) *completed* by dumbgay666
He Was There (A Logicality Story)...by dumbgay666
Patton has been in a relationship with Remus for 10 months and they hadn't had sex once. This makes Remus upset and he decides to fix the issue. Some drama and horrid th...
The Words We Dont Say by MoonGazer215
The Words We Dont Sayby FALSEHOOD
Logan was mute from a car accident that killed his parents. His oldest brother, Janus, was in critical condition, and his middle brother Virgil had to take care of them...
Logicality one shots by mainly_a_fander
Logicality one shotsby Dark Red Colour
I kept imagining logicality fluff in my head so I thought why not?
Sanders Sides Desendecents AU by AngryDangerNoodle
Sanders Sides Desendecents AUby AngryDangerNoodle
Prince Patton White, son of Snow White, has always thought that the kids over on the Isle deserved a chance to be good. With the help of Prince Roman Charming, son of Ci...
Sanders Sides Oneshot Book by Cori_Sable
Sanders Sides Oneshot Bookby Cori Sable
cover at by aimasup on tumblr
Sanders Sides One Shots! by SanderShipper
Sanders Sides One Shots!by SanderShipper
Hey guys! Here, have a Sanders Sides one shot book, because why not? Guideline things in the first chapter. I'll say now though, NO SMUT/LEMONS. Sorry! •Characters by Th...
Wordless Wonder - Sanders Sides (Completed!) by sandysiders
Wordless Wonder - Sanders Sides (C...by sandysiders
When Prince Roman rescues a boy drowning in the ocean, the last thing he is expecting to find is a broken, abused young man with a hazy past and an interesting connectio...
Sanders Sides One Shots by KOTLClover333
Sanders Sides One Shotsby Binx
This is a book of Sanders Sides one shots. Duh. For now, I do everything with the exception of Thomas x side and x reader . No Smut. Please give requests!
Soft Rock (Sanders Sides) by Littlekat07
Soft Rock (Sanders Sides)by Littlekat07
The softest boy in school might have a secret he can't keep forever. Logan does too, but it's a lot less surprising. --- This is a Sanders Sides highschool AU. Logicalit...
sandersides one-shots by prinxiety13
sandersides one-shotsby racoon man
I will take requests but i like prinxiety and logicality the most.
Beyond Broken by miyaalove1
Beyond Brokenby miyaalove1
Virgil use to be a dark side and life was less than perfect. but he's a light side now so everything should be ok... Right? Trigger warning, self harm #1 in virgilsander...
Logicality Oneshots U-U(Logan x Patton) by Yourdeepestfear
Logicality Oneshots U-U(Logan x Pa...by Ela U-U
Hai there I'm Yourdeepestfear or Ela and this is my first book! i hope you enjoy it :> this contains Gay,Logicality,a bit of Prinxiety and Demus and yeah that's all
hero? (sanders sides power AU) by theaternerd25
hero? (sanders sides power AU)by theaternerd25
Virgil has spent his life- or at least most of it, as a prisinor. as a child he lived with a good family, but that did not last, after being kidnapped and experimented...
Sanders Sides One Shots & Shorts by MT_Reade
Sanders Sides One Shots & Shortsby she/her
Collection of Sanders Sides one shots, with ALL OF THE SHIPS (except romantic Creativitwins)! I don't do requests anymore, I'm sorry. But, hopefully you read anyway? All...