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Out of Tune by DelaneyBrenna
Out of Tuneby Delaney Brenna
For two years, Aileen Prince has refused to sing. It wasn't that she was bad at it, she wasn't, in fact, when she sang, people stopped whatever they were doing to listen...
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Bea & the Broken Record by wallxflowxer
Bea & the Broken Recordby Haley
{Editor's Choice 2019!} Asher Hawkins thought he had it all; a great band, great friends, great life. He couldn't have wanted anything more. It was when he broke his fa...
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what will happen if beomgyu became the performance recorder for the singer-dancer choi yeonjun? will beomgyu be able to control himself when he's recording an all time f...
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Being Bitten by MADcreations
Being Bittenby MAD
Juliette is a human. Your typical quiet girl, the one who's always listening to music and blocking herself out of the world. Romeo is a werewolf. He's your typical popul...
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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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The Rubix Cube Challenge (On Hold) by RubixCube89201
The Rubix Cube Challenge (On Hold)by Rubix
My name's Rubye Chandler. But I haven't been called that ever since I got my hands on the unsolved Rubik's Cube on my teacher's desk in kindergarten. Now I'm called Rubi...
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The Record Store; by bloodflood
The Record Store;by bloodflood
"You know what stood out to me when I first met you?" He asked me. I shook my head. "Most people who walk in here, I can guess where they'll go. Which gen...
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This has to be some kind of record. by 1--800--HolyWater
This has to be some kind of Holy Water 💦
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Real Life or Fantasy? - 'Bohemian Rhapsody', Roger Taylor by LAC1940
Real Life or Fantasy? - ' Lindsay
"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" London, 1970. Mallory May has been begging to join her brother's band for ages, and when the lead singer quits...
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To Have But Never To Hold~A Louis Tomlinson/One Direction Story) by littlemissmuffet00
To Have But Never To Hold~A littlemissmuffet00
We never loved eachother. Never have, never will. We could never even carry out a conversation with eachother so how did it all end up like this? Everythings just som...
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Studio 125 - A Niall Horan FanFiction by b_writing0510
Studio 125 - A Niall Horan b_writing0510
Brooke and her band, Cobalt, have just been signed on a record label in England. The record label has to share a building with the Syco Records recording studio. They ar...
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The Tale Of Kira And Saga | ✓ by taledust
The Tale Of Kira And Saga | ✓by g h a e v i a
"Will I see you again?" he straighten his posture, looking alarm. "There's a possibility." She smiled, "I really have to go now." "Can...
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Le livre des records claqués sur Wattpad !  by Lyaoistekira
Le livre des records claqués sur Lyao
Salut à toi cher francophone ! Ce livre a pour but d'établir des records détenus par les francophones sur Wattpad ! Ce n'est pas gagné, mais on peut le faire ! À la ba...
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Cartes a la meva àvia by Lia5001
Cartes a la meva àviaby Lia5001
Cartes a persones importants que van marxar massa ràpid
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Another record to burn by wellier
Another record to burnby Elle.
Amelia Cottrill is a teenager in London that recently moved to an institute due to some problems caused on her former high school. The institute, a Victorian classy fanc...
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these ones will wait by lonelyshark304
these ones will waitby lonelyshark304
"the future sucks. but not as much as being torn away from the things you love most" the government trying to cover up their mistakes and machines stealing eve...
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Fanchants by kaithe_bear
Fanchantsby Kai the Bear
FaNcHaNtS * * * -> Everyone who loves fanchants like me is welcome :) * * * -> the others are also welcome :) * * * -> I'm weird.. * * * -> okey bye and read...
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I am the King, Right? by cheesydancer
I am the King, Right?by cheesydancer
Michael Zanaya was crowned king of Arsom when he was only four. His father recently died of cancer and his mother disappeared when he was little. 13 years later, how ca...
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Accidental love ( A Justin Bieber love story ) by Simoneey
Accidental love ( A Justin Simone
Sarah hates Justin Bieber, but a dare turned it all upside down and got them talking, He flew over to visit but jealous friends and fans made it hard for them, Sarah hat...
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Guiness World Records by 3alpha
Guiness World Recordsby Wønđėr Ğïrł
Here are some of the most strange and exclusive world records
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