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Breath of the Wild College AU fanfic │Thinking About You by Finnclarkson
Breath of the Wild College AU Nebulace
Link is the star athlete of Hyrule University and Zelda an exceptional scholar. They should be focusing on school and sports, but they keep getting distracted by each ot...
How To Be a Prince by Zelink2408
How To Be a Princeby Fierce Deity
A story which both Zelda fans and people who don't even know what Nintendo is can enjoy. It's a princess's dream to be swooped away by her knight in shining armour, but...
The VOE is a VAI by AJcool250
The VOE is a VAIby AJcool250
Y/n is transgender. Being born in the wrong body sucks, but it has it's perks when you try and enter Gerudo town. Link has gone halfway across the dessert for female clo...
Constellations | LoZ x Reader One-Shots by -naydra
Constellations | LoZ x Reader 𝑅𝑒𝑒𝑠𝑒
Short stories about you and our beloved hero clad in green! Any other characters you want included from Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Breath of the Wild...
a knight's promise // botw link x reader by bleachbub
a knight's promise // botw link bleachbub
a cute lil story between you and link before the calamity! (side note! this story is not related to 'silent memories' in any way!) ✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.✫*゚・゚。...
botw memes :D by FlamingBoi
botw memes :Dby Kai :D
just a buncho weird botw memes :)) posts every now and then. all memes were found off websites and reddit, so credit to those peeps :)
BoTW and Linked Universe group chat by Dazai-s_toe_muncher
BoTW and Linked Universe group chatby 𝐅𝐘𝐎𝐃𝐎𝐑
Just a story to write in my free time, lol, I DO NOT OWN THE ZELDA SERIES!!!!!! I hope to make you laugh! (ps Lots of swearing)
Legend of Zelda ONESHOTS! by aixyraus
Legend of Zelda ONESHOTS!by aixyraus
updated as of 9/8/2023. requests are closed! read my recent story!
Forgotten ||Link x Male!Reader|| by 1Polarix1
Forgotten ||Link x Male!Reader||by ❈Ina❈
"I want to see his face....I want to see his face one more time." (y/n) was blind since the great calamity. He forgot how the beautiful night sky looked like...
Tiny Hylian (Sidon x Link) by enyowritesfanfic
Tiny Hylian (Sidon x Link)by enyo
THIS IS GAY BEWARE. Some time after the calamity, Link and Sidon are still friends. But what would happen when that evolves into... more?
Trust Me (LoZ- Link Universe- BotW) (Discontinued) by dis_cat_ded
Trust Me (LoZ- Link Universe- cat (inactive) (ratio)
"We've come to help you save Zelda. Trust us, Link." This was the first time they came during the quest. That must mean something, right? Well, this one didn't...
Link & Champions Group Chat by Sondash_Studios
Link & Champions Group Chatby Sondash Studios
This book stars Link and the Champions messing around in a group chat on Sheikah Slates. The timeline takes place one year before the Calamity, though I will incorporate...
Yandere Breath of the Wild + Age of Calamity X Reader Headcanons by chocolate_milk77
Yandere Breath of the Wild + Age samantha
Just some random headcanons I put together.
✓ | To Save Her | Link x OC | Breath of the Wild by justamethyst3
✓ | To Save Her | Link x OC | Mey Stone
This fic is cross posted on AO3 under the same username: justamethyst3 That is the only other place this fic should be ~ * ~ The Calamity is finally gone, and peace has...
Wild Memories by meescha_mooscha
Wild Memoriesby Meescha
--Cross posted from Ao3-- The Links are transported to Wild's Hyrule. Though, his memories won't be kept secret for long. AKA: Time is a tired dad, Twilight is worried a...
Linked to the Malice (TotK AU) by CookieWookie37
Linked to the Malice (TotK AU)by Coco Terseva [Insane SMG34 sh...
A few years after the events of Breath of the Wild, Hyrule is growing back into a wonderful kingdom. The Hylians are rebuilding, the Gerudo have forced the Yiga Clan to...
Prince of the Wild [Link x Male!Reader] by DreamDepot
Prince of the Wild [Link x Male! Dream Depot
You had never been able to confess your feelings for Hyrule's greatest swordsman, but a second chance at life may be just what you needed.
Botw Group Chat (But sometimes not a chat) by ForestDrawsTrash
Botw Group Chat (But sometimes FOREST
RR17: I'm gonna add Link, Zelda, Revali, Urbosa, Mipha, and Daruk to the group chat! I will face them with so many consequences with Astor, Harbinger Ganon,Calamity Gano...
Breath of The Wild: Links Diary by Mslack22clscubsorg
Breath of The Wild: Links Diaryby Boop
In the hit game Breath of The Wild, DLC allows you to read other champions thoughts and feelings on their journey to the great calamity, but one diary is missing-Links...
Nintendo Texting Stories. by BlackRoseSith
Nintendo Texting Emily
The Mushroom Kingdom meets Hyrule. Mario meets Link. Peach meets Zelda. The Links meet up. What could possibly go wrong?