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I Give You My Life ~ Revali x Reader by The2tailedfoxy
I Give You My Life ~ Revali x the2tailedfoxy
In a fit of anger, you lock yourself in your room. Your parents are controlling, your friends are in different countries, a man insists on marrying you for his image. Wh...
Zelda x link silent love  by ZeldaBOTW2006
Zelda x link silent love by ZeldaBOTW2006
Link is chosen as Zelda's appointed knight and at first Zelda despised him because of the sword that seals the darkness. But as time goes on Zelda starts to enjoy his co...
The Wonders of Fall; A Modern Zelink AU Story by Link-knight-177
The Wonders of Fall; A Modern West
Zelink AU Modern Fanfiction Link lives a miserable life. Every day it seems that the same exact events repeat themselves, like he's living in a loop. As an attempt to...
Call me princess Zelda by SethDragon
Call me princess Zeldaby Sammy Olsson
(SIDON X LINK) (Finished) This is a story about Link who has to take over Zelda's duty to get force married with prince Sidon. zelda got a letter from the Zoras there t...
Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Reader ✔ by ghirahimsknees
Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Reader ✔by on hiatus!
As the Twilight begins to frost over Hyrule, [Name] comes across the shattered remnants of Demise's sword. (Skyward Sword/Twilight Princess x Fem!Reader)
Restoration by BohemianLady
Restorationby BohoLady
A ZeLink story of Link and Zeldas travels and expierence directly after the Calamity. Their journey to rebuild Hyrule and restore everything they knew. Including Zelda h...
Breath of the Wild: Link and Friends by yulimalane03
Breath of the Wild: Link and Yulimalane03
Elyza looked past her village to the land beyond. She saw the Dueling Peaks. She had never left Necluda. Even Kakariko Village seemed far away. Now, looking at it, it di...
Prince of the Wild [Link x Male!Reader] by DreamDepot
Prince of the Wild [Link x Male! Dream Depot
You had never been able to confess your feelings for Hyrule's greatest swordsman, but a second chance at life may be just what you needed.
Guardian - BOTW Link x Reader by AhHeck
Guardian - BOTW Link x Readerby Ah Heck
A Breath of the Wild fanfiction. Don't mind the cover rn it's just a filler Art: T...
Never the Same by EnragedBisexual
Never the Sameby Enraged Bisexual
Along side the champions from the Future, Breath of the Wild Link is sent back in time to prevent the events of 100 years ago. A AU where Link is sent back with the Cha...
Sword and Shield by mitskis_baby
Sword and Shieldby mitskis_baby
(Breath of the wild OC fic) Mae is an ordinary girl who isn't really good at anything until one night she makes a wish so powerful that she wakes up in the game breath o...
Fragments of the Past by kobutaa
Fragments of the Pastby liana!
After reclaiming the Master Sword, a cryptic myth from the Deku Tree leads Link to a shocking discovery: a second Shrine of Resurrection, buried underneath the Temple of...
Dreams Cut Short by Sondash_Studios
Dreams Cut Shortby Sondash Studios
They had finally done it. Ganon was gone. Forever. The apocalypse everyone had feared for centuries, now a threat no longer. What if the Champions piloting the Divine Be...
Botw reacts by dragon985
Botw reactsby Delilah
I have gathered characters to react to different stuff. How will they react to the things they see about their friends and family? What secrets will be revealed?
Legend of Zelda memes because my life is in shambles by absolutelYin-Sane
Legend of Zelda memes because my Dead account
I have no life, so take this (: Help I'm being dragged into the legend of Zelda fandom what am I gonna tell the thousands of people who came for my cringey undertale boo...
Champion group chat!!! by Opbirb
Champion group chat!!!by Linkle
Lol I think I may have went a bit nuts on the cover there 😂 I don't own Zelda blah blah blah
The Baby of the Group| RevalixReader by Stilest101
The Baby of the Group| Stilest 101
~Most Impressive Rank~ #1/1.9K in loz- 1/25/21 BASED OFF OF MY ONESHOT !MILD SWEARING! You are the 5th champion, an archer and bow maker, and the youngest of the champio...
Shades of Blue by kerm-writes
Shades of Blueby kerm-writes
Link's life is haunted by shades of blue. Specifically, Sheikah blue. The shrines are blue. The towers are blue. The bombs are blue. His old tunic is blue...A Guardian'...
Our Childhood Memories by Sondash_Studios
Our Childhood Memoriesby Sondash Studios
"The young Hylian looked so... daring and charming. He looked at me with an air of curiosity and waved, giving off the cutest smile I've ever seen. Maybe... maybe h...
Before the Calamity by KorinnaHazelWrites
Before the Calamityby Korinna Hazel
Princess Zelda and Champion Link must work together to defeat the upcoming calamity. Though tensions run high and the princess despises her knight, the two form an unex...