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Friend Zoned [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Friend Zoned [boyxboy]by Jen
Benji is in deep, unrequited love with his best friend Gideon, and it sucks. When absentminded Benji isn’t busy making a fool of himself or getting bullied by his soccer...
forevermore. by noctuaem
#2 noctua
Sometimes You have to close your eyes And pretend you're alright To fully understand the meaning of sadness -Me 2020 Updates randomly Best Rankings have gotten: #1...
WOSO Oneshots by choniriverdalelove
WOSO Oneshotsby cheryl&toni
Mostly USWNT, Arsenal WFC,Taking requests always!
Sonnets by PJLowry
Sonnetsby P.J. Lowry
A collection of poetry written in a specific rhyme pattern. I hope you enjoy reading these sonnets as much as I did writing them.
One Shot Random Stories (Book 1) by Psyche_Writes
One Shot Random Stories (Book 1)by Binibining Psyche
Rated PG This stories came from the creativity of the author.There are many different stories under the sun and moon that can be read here. It takes 20 stories to comple...
stop saying ~ do it. don't keep it ~ kill it. #Angel #Story #experience #fantasies #dream #reality
Spoken Poetry by Yurkumare
Spoken Poetryby MarengJijing
Efforts are always better than promises
poetic rizz by luna ;) by lattelunette
poetic rizz by luna ;)by lunaッ
series of phrases i think of every now and then "you are all of my daydreams" very random, very questionable. --> all by rizzette (
Poems of my Life by bellarie7308
Poems of my Lifeby CallMeBella
These are the poems that I wrote; they are based on my personal life and also a bit of my imagination. I hope all of you will like the poems that I made. God Bless!
I Hate Sunset Because It's Orange by Azclar
I Hate Sunset Because It's Orangeby ice
Sonnet is a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter, typically having ten syllables per line. The name is taken from the Italian sonetto, which means "a lit...
MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys 2012 Poetry Contest  Entry by MsButterfly
MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys MsButterfly
An entry for Attys 2012 (Competitor) poetry contest consisting of 10 poems written in 10 different poetic form. Contents: 1.Kyrielle: "Death" 2.Shakespearean S...
sonnets from a silent heart by stella_vigo
sonnets from a silent heartby A Traveller...
A collection of sonnets. From lines about love to verses about muses and other subjects, these sonnets were penned as practice - as well as a means of expression and con...
Poems about Love by 1_Will_3
Poems about Loveby Willow
A couple of short love poems, will probably expand this into a bit of an anthology when I get more ideas to write some more. Ranking: #438 - betrayal #8 - sonnet #54...
" Collection's of poems " by angeialm
" Collection's of poems "by IAM
My collection of poems
Drops Of Dew On A Lonely Leaf by Poppins_Yahooize
Drops Of Dew On A Lonely Leafby Poppy
"A tree stands all alone In the deep dark woods It has millions of leaves Each with different moods Some leaves shake, Some leaves shiver Some leaves fall, Some lea...
The Whispers by ALBlacksmith99
The Whispersby ALBlacksmith99
A poetry collection. Containing 'The Whispers of Fall'
sonnets of william shakespeare by sakuratoku
sonnets of william shakespeareby sakura
A select few of my favorites from William Shakespeare,,,
My Sonnets and Poetry by OlympusPlayer
My Sonnets and Poetryby OlympusPlayer
A collection of Sonnets by yours truly. They follow the iambic pentameter thing and the pattern abab, cdcd, efef, gg. Kind of like Shakespearean Sonnets, but their my ow...
What Are My WordsWorth by AnAugustReverie
What Are My WordsWorthby Sania Sharma
It's a tale unaltered by time or memory, true to what happened in reality. We all have read about carefree boy and introvert girl trope penned by authors but how was it...
sorrow And Happiness by imdefinitelymeokok
sorrow And Happinessby lucielchoi
poems that talks about sorrow and being lonely. Also with happiness