Run || kth  ✔️ by softaura
Run || kth ✔️by ♡☁️
- I committed, you're my crime. I lusted for the wrong, for the sin. There was a thrill to it that we loved. - Street taggers, Ara and Taehyung, are faced with the most...
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A Bryce Walker Story by Aesthetic_Azalea
A Bryce Walker Storyby Kendall_Bowers17
Monty's little sister, Julia Mercedes De La Cruz, will be telling her story of Bryce Walker her rapist. She's gone through some rough times, but she's been able to power...
  • zachdempsey
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  • photography
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Graffiti Boy | #Wattys2018 by IceCat21456
Graffiti Boy | #Wattys2018by IceCat
Ranked #1 in Graffiti! (July 15th, 2018) For Valerie Lockhart, life has never been easy. She was ten when her dog died. Twelve when her mother was murdered. Now she's s...
  • cheesy
  • badboy
  • badass
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One Year by Quirkyre
One Yearby Teenage Girl
What can happen in One Year? You could take in the art of Spring, the flowers and the layout. You could swallow constant days of sunshine, drink in the heat on your skin...
  • smoking
  • winter
  • summer
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Emnora - A World Without Art by Anders_als_du
Emnora - A World Without Artby JAY
art (noun) [ahrt] - the creation of beautiful or significant things - the products of human creativity; works of art collectively ------------------ Art comes in many...
  • art
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Life is shitty: Before the massive dick-lema by DespairGirls
Life is shitty: Before the DespairGirl. feat TheEclipsed
Many things changed by the years. Our South Park kids are teens now and more things are happening. Especially to our unique couple, Craig and Tweek, that just broke up w...
  • bunny
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Twelve | Ongoing by bateaux
Twelve | Ongoingby kell ケル
Sometimes you run into the strangest people in the middle of the night. (Spin-off to 7:23am) ○ Copyright © k.s. lynch 2018
  • freethelgbt
  • boy
  • diversityinlit
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Cigarettes Are My Savour- Finn Wolfhard × Reader by TRINITYTHEWEIRDO18
Cigarettes Are My Savour- Finn TRINITY
Y/N was known for being a loner. She was different than most girls...she was not pretty, popular, makeup, pink, rich....normal. Oh no she was the opposite. She was stra...
  • finnwolfhard
  • badass
  • gatenmatarazzo
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Escaping Savior by gayicorn
Escaping Saviorby D
Belle Forester wakes up on a warm October afternoon to find The Girl With No Face finally on her doorway. The beautiful piece of street art has been stenciled on the doo...
  • findagay
  • lgbt
  • girlxgirl
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prison wife :: lashton au by noctivagant
prison wife :: lashton auby alias
the one where ashton finds himself in prison with a gorgeous man protecting him and a secret worth hiding. top/badass!luke and bottom!ashton (a lot of smut)? ©noctivagant
  • lukehemmings
  • prison
  • murder
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Good Girls With Masks by kaylee_kim123
Good Girls With Masksby KAKE
Harrison High. Typical Cliche Highschool. The Jocks The Barbies The Nerds and Geeks The Outcasts The Wallflowers The Bad Boys And The Good Girls 17-year-old Ruby Harriso...
  • criminals
  • goodgirls
  • goodgirlsarebadgirlsthathaventbeencaught
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Super Mario Sunshine by NintendoJedi
Super Mario Sunshineby NintendoJedi
A novel. While vacationing with Princess Peach on a tropic isle, Mario and his new water jet pack, Fludd, must clear the island and Mario's name after he is framed for v...
  • supermariosunshine
  • fludd
  • vandalism
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Life's Fear by Jalehly
Life's Fearby Lexine Jaleh
Relationships can end just as quickly as a photograph can be captured. Blair Martin likes to sit in cafes and on park benches with her camera next to her, randomly snapp...
  • fancic
  • romance
  • love
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Broken Hearts by celeswrites
Broken Heartsby 🥀celestia🥀
"Feelings are dangerous. Which is exactly why you need to be fearless." "In a world full of monsters and demons, the biggest ones are always inside you- t...
  • death
  • adventure
  • vandalism
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Status: Cactus by smoakly
Status: Cactusby Trish Valentine
"Whoever said you had to necessarily hate your label?" When Devinne Greene gets caught spray painting the most coveted trophies at her high school, she didn't...
  • girl
  • mystery
  • boys
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The Artist and The Author by FictionalNewbie
The Artist and The Authorby Sheila D'Ani
Description contains Recap Rap overdose... Artist Monte Liso, passionate and mean Reluctant master to his sister's wean Author Ralphin Wellerson, stubborn and doting Tea...
  • senior
  • painting
  • vandalism
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The Subway Surfer Life by TheLadey
The Subway Surfer Lifeby TheLadey
Hello! I'm TheLadey and this is a fan fiction for the game Subway Surf, where I'll be writing scenes that I came up with to go along with the characters of the game. I'l...
  • heartbreak
  • subwaysurfers
  • sadstory
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Bill Chiper X Reader by SarahIsWeird5
Bill Chiper X Readerby FanFic Fanatic
You just moved to Gravity Falls to meet up with your friends. But your friends aren't Dipper nor Mabel, no They're Wendy, Thompson, Robbie, Lee, Nate, and Tambry. In thi...
  • swearing
  • romance
  • billcipher
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Lawless - Joshler by ImAJoshlerShipper
Lawless - Joshlerby 🦌Aurøre🦌
"You" he said "are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain." -Emilie Autumn Tyler : Hack...
  • blood
  • drugs
  • brendonurie
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A R E S by SpaghettiStag
A R E Sby "H A V O C"
" Trouble never looked so god damn fine." :۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞: If you scrolled through the Instagram feed of 19-year-old Ares Ack...
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