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The Vampire's Prey  by AshleyVale5
The Vampire's Prey by Ashley Vale
-Anything for her blood- Luvida finds herself in grave danger after her mother's death. Thirsty for her unique sweetness, vampires from all corners of the world descend...
Pet Human by belgiumeveruthing
Pet Humanby Faas Verbruggen
Micheal has mysteriously been transported to Transyl, the eternal dark land of vampires. While straggling on the road, he has been captured, locked in a cell, chained to...
A Vampires Love by mari__writes
A Vampires Loveby Mari
Uncovering the secrets of a new person in high school, Luna gets to know the new person who's secretly a vampire who's despised by the whole town along with his family...
The Trap by LamyaBryant1
The Trapby La-mya Bryant
It's about a world getting a vampire apocalypse and there are two main vampires trying to get a girl named Vanessa who is a can Helsing and she can't be killed but she c...
Blood Lust by LunaSeer
Blood Lustby Dani B
Anna Grace is used as a Feeding Bag for Vampires. Until she meets Valentin. A Vampire who wants her for not only her blood, but claims to be her Mate.
Dire Dusk by Harshitaa_writes
Ramon Villasenor is the majestic Alpha male who is an aspiration of many girls. His jaw dropping attitude and perfect personality could steal anyone's attention. It is j...
Inferno Ascendant  by Venti_______Simp
Inferno Ascendant by Prankster
In the past, according to folklore and fairy tales, the world was once flourishing but has now descended into chaos and despair. Decades ago, the vampire race rose to po...
Not so Normal by Purplebutterflyy07
Not so Normalby Purplebutterflyy07
Sofia is a normal teenager with a normal family, in a completely normal world... actually, it's really quite the opposite. In her 'normal' world, there are only vampires...
Where Butterflies Go by AceAngelMeyers
Where Butterflies Goby C.M. Myers
When it comes to time, one is always on time. Join Veda Evermore on a wild ride through time in this hilarious and heart-pounding adventure. After a day full of near-dea...
𝕳𝖆𝖗𝖛𝖆𝖑𝖊 by KC_Kane_
𝕳𝖆𝖗𝖛𝖆𝖑𝖊by KC_Kane_
A city in California has a strange obsession with vampires, even though the world knows they are a fictional concept. Kayla, one of the town residents, finds her laid ba...
Slayer in the City: Gabrielle Pierce's Story by kilykandy
Slayer in the City: Gabrielle kilykandy
Over the years, there have been many Slayers. Each one has a unique experience, and a story to tell. Meet Gabrielle "Gabby" Pierce. She is fierce, determined...
Parallel World by KristinCheyrane
Parallel Worldby Kristīne Čeirāne
Vampires Elisa and Jack, best friends and business partners, are trying to navigate business, relationships and modern life in 21st century New York. Famous for inventin...
TAKEN by IvanaJameson
TAKENby Ivana Vanessa Jameson
"In a realm where humans and creatures of the night coexist, Octavia, through an unintended act, triggers chaos between the two worlds. To restore peace, her own vi...
Angel's Vampire- Bounded By Destiny  by cooing_of_bird
Angel's Vampire- Bounded By cooing_of_bird
Divisha, she is a broken but kind human umm sorry may be an angel who is in the human body and Vihaan, well he is a vampire who is ruthless and arrogant in his clan but...
TPM: Twelve Past Midnight The Series by Gothamknight33
TPM: Twelve Past Midnight The Gothamknight33
Death Is Only The Beginning In this hybrid horror/action/fantasy/sci-fi, join The Uneventful's, a group of misfits who live and work in a society run by Angles and Demon...
The Unforgotten Love During the Chaos by anightmaresposts
The Unforgotten Love During the 𝘈𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘺𝘮𝘰𝘶𝘴
The story is based on a dream the author saw. So, read it if you want, don't, if you don't want to. Whatever, Idrc!
Our Bleeding Hearts by Gabs3323
Our Bleeding Heartsby Gabs3323
This short story is about a girl who loves in a world where vampires do indeed exist. It is a horrible, dangerous world she lives in where anything bad can happen if a v...
Vampyre by XpereanaX
Vampyreby xanailix
Dylan is an introverted young boy that works in a small routine laboratory. A dull job, in a dull town, full of dull people. This is a story about how he finds that th...
Vampires: An EPI Universe Anthology  by DLMWriting
Vampires: An EPI Universe Declan Liam Mckendrick
Greetings and Welcome to Vampires: An EPI Universe Anthology. 'Vampires' is a collection of Vampire stories set in my EPI Universe and will house any Drabbles or Poems w...