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Amor by KenzieP15
Amorby Makenzie
When someone turns 18, they will find their soulmate, or their Amor. They will get a tiny tattoo any where on there body, and their Amor has the exact same tattoo, exact...
Hey, Comrade by perjustabias
Hey, Comradeby Sarah
The story of Rose and Dimitri two years after Last Sacrifice...
Leaving it all behind (Watty's 2015) by sweetdreams2020
Leaving it all behind (Watty's sweetdreams2020
Rose Hathaway leaves after Dimitri says "Love fades, mine has". Rose leaves court, but what happens when strigoi numbers are getting higher and guardian number...
Nepenthe (D.Belikov) by Immortality-to-go
Nepenthe (D.Belikov)by ༒༺ 𝔾igi ༻༒
Nepenthe • Something that can make you forget grief or suffering. Never feeling like they belonged was a feeling that Lissa Dragomir lived with, even with her family and...
Shattered by hay_hay03
Shatteredby hay_hay03
After Dimitri Belikov's famous words "love fades mine has..." and an unsupportive friend, Lissa, Rose Hathaway decides to run away with the help of Abe Mazur.S...
My Queen (An Edward Cullen love story) by SerenaChintalapati
My Queen (An Edward Cullen love Serena Chintalapati
Aida, Queen of the vampires. The most powerful one of them all. Her grace and beauty is unmatched. Her legacy is well known across the globe, both to humans and to vampi...
Amnesia // Dimitri Belikov by Stories_of_sonder
Amnesia // Dimitri Belikovby Stories_of_sonder
Years ago, in New Orleans, Rosemarie Andrea Mikaelson was born and almost killed by a coven of witches. The magical child lived a life filled with danger, until one day...
One Way Bond And Relationships Until They aren't  by tail050701
One Way Bond And Relationships Taylor Wells
Everything crumbals and becomes one sided like the bond. (edited. should make sense ;) )
Comrade and Roza by gigiaddesso
Comrade and Rozaby gigiaddesso
Dimitri took Tasha's offer and unknowingly leaves a teenage pregnant Rose to figure everything out on her own. Now him and Tasha pop up for an unexpected visit, you can...
Shards and Ashes ~ A Vampire Academy Fanfic by HazyBlueEyes
Shards and Ashes ~ A Vampire ♡ Isabella ♡
Dimitri Belikov takes Tasha's offer, leaving Rose and the St. Vladimir gates behind. Rose will do anything to get him back, but from the looks of it, Dimitri is happy. S...
Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic} by CrazyBookworm1997
Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic}by Eliza Paige
Rose is hurt after Dimitri says he doesn't love her anymore, and Lissa isn't helping. So Rose decides to leave for a while, only telling a few people she disappears. Six...
Vampire Academy One-Shots by PercabethHinny
Vampire Academy One-Shotsby PercabethHinny
A collection of Vampire Academy One-Shots. Glimpses of all your favorite couples, from various points in the series, but expect a whole lot of Romitri.
Roza's Dead, Its Rosemarie by deathsfracturedlight
Roza's Dead, Its Rosemarieby shaniejean
What if after those four heart shattering words "Loves Fades, Mine Has." Rose Hathaway turned in the one thing that no one though they would see. After the chu...
For years I cried by LittleDhampir12
For years I criedby LittleDhampir12
Dimitri left Rose for Tasha, but soon after Rose discovers she's pregnant. 4 years later and someone from Roses past returns and something terrible happens that could ch...
A different Vampire Academy (paused) by BowHunterJT
A different Vampire Academy ( Bow hunter J.T.
This is a new version of Vampire Academy. What if Rose beat all the guardian when they came for Lissa, what if she beat Dimitri but got shot with a tranquilizer and they...
An Unexpected Experience (Part 1) by Sherbear1984
An Unexpected Experience (Part 1)by sherri reed
With her inexperience weighting on her mind Rose sets out to change it with the help of her husband, but what happens when Rose and Dimitri get propositioned by some of...
Little Pink Plus Sign by buriacampaign
Little Pink Plus Signby Buria Campaign
Rose and Dimitri had accepted the fact that they would never have biological children. So when Rose comes home with some pretty shocking news, they're left to deal with...
Where Is Your Heart? by dahlia_undead
Where Is Your Heart?by dahlia_undead
Dimitri left Rose pregnant. Rose found a note saying he left her for Tasha. Will relationships be tested? Is Rose in danger? And what unexpected guest or guests show up...
Holding On To You (A Vampire Academy Fanfiction) by VABrallie_
Holding On To You (A Vampire Mariam
Dimitri had been pushing Rose away and Rose is tired of it.Rose so called sister/best friend isn't really helping.She don't see anything left to fight for in Court since...