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Redemption by rdcastillo24
Redemptionby Filipina Girl
There was once a man named Jonathan Forester whose only way of life to survive this cruel world is to keep obeying his master and to stay as an assassin who'd kill anyon...
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Dhat one dude thats ugly but stay fresh! by TierraHill0
Dhat one dude thats ugly but stay...by Tierra Hill
This Story Is About A Phat/Thick Girl Name Kai', She Is Getting Sexually And Verbally Abrused By Her Mom Boyfriend, Mom Is Pregnant And Doesn't Know & Don't Care But She...
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Reality Of Tiana | Discontinued by trinntobhad
Reality Of Tiana | Discontinuedby trinntobhad
New Girl Tiana Moves From Atlanta To California As Her Mom Gets A Job Upgrade. What Happens When She Meets Kaeycon Diaz Who Has Trouble Finding His New Love Spark? Find...
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Kyo and Tohru by crimenationlove
Kyo and Tohruby crimenationlove
Tohru's Sensei has come to pick her up. Will this change Tohru's fate? I want to thank Scarletfox_NC for editing! She's amazing and I love her so much!
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Poems by SheFallsAsleep10
Poemsby SheFallsAsleep10
An endless supply of poetry - from my wondering mind - picking up the pieces that have enveloped my life. Please comment and give me your opinion. :)
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a book of poems by thewrither
a book of poemsby karo
it is about the real angels the ones that walks between ous wainting for ous to find them
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wake up call [coming soon] by amatuers
wake up call [coming soon]by júlie
❝Isn't it the scariest thing? When you know what you want but you can't have it.❞
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CONVERGENT - [Divergent] ADOPTED by wolf-gabby23
CONVERGENT - [Divergent] ADOPTEDby gabby
DISCONTINUED AND UP FOR ADOPTION Update: ADOPTED by Elena-Ambrosia The Factions that divide Ellie and Trudi's world. The Abnegation, the Erudite, Candor, Amity and the...
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My Sister's Shadow by littlewolfpup1
My Sister's Shadowby Gabby Goebig
Thinking that you have life hard is a laugh to Annie. She is going to the same school as her older sister and her reputation is keeping Annie down. Everyone is expecting...
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Peter Pan Ending (rewritten) by mKs1ng
Peter Pan Ending (rewritten)by Mads
What if the story ended differently? What if Peter did forgive Wendy for growing up? What if Wendy went back with Peter and Jane? This is basically my own ending to Pete...
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Supernatural for Millie Winchester - DISCONTINUED / UP FOR ADOPTION by wolf-gabby23
Supernatural for Millie Winchester...by gabby
DISCONTINUED/ UP FOR ADOPTION Dean Winchester's twin sister, named after John Winchester's mother, Millie. John couldn't have lived with himself if Millie knew the hor...
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Just Notice Me by Alga_26
Just Notice Meby yellowish
I'm always here for him, but how about him for me? **** Date started: April 14, 2017
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Worth Living by JamSession63
Worth Livingby JamSession
He can't die. No matter how much he wants to. No matter how hard he tries. He is cursed with immortality. But even with every hope and failure, he is still willing...
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Smile  [H.S] by SunshineOnMars
Smile [H.S]by Bella
When 18 year old Victoria Rossi meets One Direction, her life changes. Tori and Harry fall for each other but face so many difficulties and challenges involving exes, m...
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Cross your heart. by lotlotlosbos
Cross your heart.by Lot
A cute, short sequel of UP, the disneymovie. If you loved UP as a kid, you will love this.
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Announcements by Dudezbro1
Announcementsby Dudezbro
Ill be putting all of my announcements on this book and some will be Questions
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My Brother Ate Our Parents!?! by green1000
My Brother Ate Our Parents!?!by Mystic Wolf
Taylor West lives in a small town called North Ridge. His older brother Logan is very scary when he is mad, what Taylor didn't know is that Logan loves meat, not just an...
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Phoenix Drop High (One Of Many Ahpmau Fan Fix) by foxlace1
Phoenix Drop High (One Of Many Ahp...by foxlace1
Ahpmau is a girl who has lost her memories in this story she finds wonder-full friends and gets through high school with her friends I will update it when I want to ok...
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Fall For You(Unedited) by coldheartcrusader
Fall For You(Unedited)by Daredevil
"Would you fall for his lines?" ///// *Written in 2011 so sorry for typos and errors #jejedays Copyright ©2011 by Liane Lin
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What the fuck have I written? by Im_A_Shark
What the fuck have I written?by I'm a shark
Here's a really dumb book of the all the shit that goes on in my head. I guess this mature because of all the curse words and stuff, but read it any way because theres a...