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Ben 10// The magical brother by MichaelCollins320
Ben 10// The magical brotherby Michael Collins
RJ Tennyson is the younger twin of Ben Tennyson and is the only cousin Gwen likes but that doesn't mean he doesn't get along with ben in fact bens really over protective...
Ben 10: Rise of A Hero by Fusionfalll
Ben 10: Rise of A Heroby Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson is in a world filled with superheros and it's up to him to save the day. Watch as he encounters psychic sisters, kung fu masters, cyborgs, and villains you...
It's Hero Time (Ben 10 Series X Male Reader) by Monster-Zer0
It's Hero Time (Ben 10 Series X Ma...by Monster-Zer0
Ben wasn't the only one who received a mysterious alien watch. A boy by the name Y/n L/n also had one we he found it while taking a late night walk in his hometown Bellw...
The Legend of Ben 10: Book 1, Sentience. by Misaka_Omnitrix
The Legend of Ben 10: Book 1, Sent...by Mikoto Misaka
Earth.. Water... Fire... Air... My grandmother used to tell me the tales of a long lost civilization from long ago, from before even the First Avatar, that existed witho...
Utterly Charmed : Charmcaster x Male Reader One Shots and Scenarios  by Beedrill2001
Utterly Charmed : Charmcaster x Ma...by Beedrill2001
A book of various one shots and scenarios involving Charmcaster from Ben 10 and the male reader.
Gwen 10: Ultimate Alien Force by crystal_pro_2024
Gwen 10: Ultimate Alien Forceby crystalline productions 2024
set 4 years after Gwen 10 classic. since the ending of Gwen 10 classic gwen has taken off the omnitrix, and has returned to a normal life. However when her grandpa max f...
My Hero Omniverse - Vol 2 (2023 Reboot) by SuperScourge161
My Hero Omniverse - Vol 2 (2023 Re...by SuperScourge161
After defeating Vilgax the Conquerer, Izuku Midoriya continues on his journey to master the secrets of the Omnitrix and become the next No.1 hero in the world. He'll hav...
Ben 10 Radiant War, Vol.2 by Misaka_Omnitrix
Ben 10 Radiant War, Vol.2by Mikoto Misaka
ITS HERO TIME.. or is it Deja Vu Time? After a tussle with the mysterious contestant of the Radiant War known as Shi Jian, aka the Time Traveler, Ben starts to suddenly...
Jaune 10 Alien force by theone799
Jaune 10 Alien forceby AniAuthor
Jaune Arc lost everything. Pyrrha his partner betrayed him, his family disowned him, most of his friends left him in the dust. Only after he disappears, do his former fr...
Loud House: Omni-Force by omegacrow-nexus
Loud House: Omni-Forceby omegacrow-nexus
(A Loud house x Ben 10 Ultimate Alien crossover) Ben fights an unknown being who then causes a DNA rupture in the Ultimatrix, Sending a massive wave to transform half of...
Fairy x10  by Fusionfalll
Fairy x10 by Ben Tennyson
After recreating a universe, Ben is sent to another universe filled with Magic, Dragons, and Demons. Watch as he battles various mages, draons and insane black mages in...
Omni-Piece  by Fusionfalll
Omni-Piece by Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson is giving a chance to explore a whole new world filled with pirates, treasure, monstrous creatures, and so much more. Watch as he puts together the stronges...
Omniversal System by KaitoSW
Omniversal Systemby Kaito
A young boy was saved by a God who apologize to him for his death. which was caused by the other Gods and explained why they have done it. So God is going to reincarnate...
Alien Hero of IS Academy (Male Reader X Infinite Stratos) by WLiquidGaming
Alien Hero of IS Academy (Male Rea...by WLiquid
Y/N L/N the World Famous Superhero who can transform into different Aliens is now transferring to Japan as the only male student in IS Academy. What will happen when he...
The Second Hero (Ben 10 x Male OC) by RENessence
The Second Hero (Ben 10 x Male OC)by Angelo Zero
A Ben 10 Fanfic of what would happen to the tale of Ben Tennyson if he were to have a best friend who also acquires a watch similar to the Omnitrix. This is a story of h...
Akame Ga Kill's Ultimate Assassin  by KiritoBinns
Akame Ga Kill's Ultimate Assassin by 𝓜𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓬
Ben Tennyson famous superhero is thrown into a world full of assassin's and monsters. Seeing how corrupt this world is realizes that he can't be a hero anymore so he cas...
Totally Spies Ultimate Alien Spy by humatrix-X-24
Totally Spies Ultimate Alien Spyby humatrix-X-24
After Ben Tennyson loses everything precious to him to Vilgax. Ben ends up being sent to the Totally Spies Universe. Where he ends up joining W.O.O.H.P. along with Sam...
Ren 10 by BryanSkywalker27
Ren 10by Bryan Skywalker
Join Ren as he tags along with his best friend Ben Tennyson on a summer road trip with his grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen.
Ultimate Gurren Lagann! Who the hell do you think I am?! by humatrix-X-24
Ultimate Gurren Lagann! Who the he...by humatrix-X-24
Ben Tennyson, after defeating the Daigon powered Vilgax, had been split in two. The second Ben had been sent to another universe, now having become part of Team Dai Gurr...