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The Loud House: The Big Brother. by Kaizo2005
The Loud House: The Big Alejandro García Fernández
Author: What can I say, I got sick of stories with no elder siblings so, I made my own. I know there are a few of them out there but most are completed or worst, in hiat...
Loud House + Oc by MariahBournes279
Loud House + Ocby Mariah Bournes
1 boy,11 girls My oc is the dancer of the family.She was born after Lynn
Enough (Loud House Fanfic) by BunionBoy301
Enough (Loud House Fanfic)by BunionBoy301
Lincoln is tired of being pushed around and being abused by his family, and now, he is deemed bad luck, once again. He is bullied at school because of them, neglected at...
LH: A Helluva Family (Vivziepop's Helluva Boss & Hazbin Hotel x Loud House) by Lance1889
LH: A Helluva Family (Vivziepop' Lance1889
When one of Lisa's experiments actually kills the Loud siblings, their souls are knocked off the line to heaven by an unseen force from the Void, the place between, Eart...
💔Easliy Broken💔 by FB5430
💔Easliy Broken💔by FB54300
After all the hate and mistreat at Ronnie Anne's Party, The family mistreat him at The Loud House Disrespectful, Irresponsible, Hateful, Hypocritical, Ignorance, Unfair...
The girl next door || Lynn Loud Jr x Reader  by tokiohotelwriter
The girl next door || Lynn Loud I LOVE BILL KAULITZ
What will happen when Lynn meets the new neighbor??? #1 in #lolaloud - 7/6/2023 #1 lynnloudjr - 7/27/2023 #1 lanaloud - 7/27/2023 #1 leniloud - 8/8/2023 #1 luanloud - 8...
Family Bond by Babysqid
Family Bondby Babysqid
When Lincoln is gravely injured by Luna, the rest of the family is left to ponder how close they really are, and discover how frail a family bond truly is.
One-Punch Linc (One Punch Man x Loud House, Reboot) by Lance1889
One-Punch Linc (One Punch Man x Lance1889
The Loud parents and Sisters gain powers from one of Lisa's experiments blowing up, Lincoln was away on a trip with Clyde, so while his family became heroes like many ot...
The Human Ghoul (TLH X Scooby Doo and The Ghoul School) by Lance1889
The Human Ghoul (TLH X Scooby Lance1889
can't make a good description without giving away the story. I don own anything but the storyline.
Lincpool & Lynn-23 (Loud House x Marvel) by Lance1889
Lincpool & Lynn-23 (Loud House x Lance1889
Inspired by Patanu's Lincpool artwork. Mutants and Mutates, are controversial topics around the globe, if you're the Avengers' Hulk and Captain America, you're prized p...
the things we do for love | lynn loud jr.  by -roslynivy-
the things we do for love | lynn ʳᵒˢ
how can just an unknown student council vice president intrigue the famous jock of the school? who is she? lynn loud jr. x oc the really loud house characters belong to...
My Loud house story by LifeBlossomsWIERDLY
My Loud house storyby Marie Brodeur
meet Lori, Leni, Luna, Lena, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily Loud a family of 12 kids 11 girls and 1 boy
A New Addition | A Loud House Fanfic by SteveIsARetard
A New Addition | A Loud House TheFlamboyantFlame
Since I don't like writing descriptions I'll get to the point quickly. Basically Rita and Lynn Sr. want to adopt, and you can figure out the rest on your own
Future loud house ideas by omegacrow-nexus
Future loud house ideasby omegacrow-nexus
Here's some loud house fanfic ideas I plan to make in the future or some I can give to others if they interested. (There will definitely be No loud house harems and No s...
Loud House: Mutant World by omegacrow-nexus
Loud House: Mutant Worldby omegacrow-nexus
When lisa invents and activates a nuclear fusion bomb, it unleashed a devastating explosion throughout the entire world. Years have passed since the explosion and the wo...
Lincoln Loud's Deadly Flight by Stephen_DoesntTry
Lincoln Loud's Deadly Flightby Stephen, Stop Stealing My Cri...
Lincoln gets so tired of his sisters that he decides to run away towards Los Angeles with his friends. How will the sisters react and will Lincoln be able to stay safe o...
Loud House: Omni-Force by omegacrow-nexus
Loud House: Omni-Forceby omegacrow-nexus
(A Loud house x Ben 10 Ultimate Alien crossover) Ben fights an unknown being who then causes a DNA rupture in the Ultimatrix, Sending a massive wave to transform half of...
Loud House: Humble Beginnings (Book 1) by BunionBoy301
Loud House: Humble Beginnings ( BunionBoy301
In this story, Lincoln has to deal with a lot of crazy events, like family arguements, gang wars, and tragic losses. How will it end? Keep reading to find out! BEWARE S...
The Fairly Loudparents (TFO x TLH Crossover) by Lance1889
The Fairly Loudparents (TFO x Lance1889
Brought on by The Fairly Oddparents being put on Netflix. Lincoln's life has hit an all time low. He's grades are lower due to his new and crackpot teacher, Mr. Crocker...
Just for you | Lynn Loud x Fem OC by kissed100boysinbars
Just for you | Lynn Loud x Fem OCby Starrylvr
"You brush past me in the hallway And you don't think I, I, I can see ya, do ya?" Gabbie McDowell is grade 8th's new girl moving into Royal Woods from her old...