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How NSL Should Have Happened by Ch276Zj
How NSL Should Have Happenedby Ch276Zj
This is another NSL fanfic that shows a different take from the first NSL fanfic that I've made which is still ongoing. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters, Th...
the loud house: cross lincoln by CharlesJacobo
the loud house: cross lincolnby Charles Jacobo
after the event of no such luck lincoln runaway but a few weeks later he returned but more powerful than ever (Chara is a girl on this story and cross sans is her brothe...
Moonlight fangs by dce1002
Moonlight fangsby dce1002
After loud family discovers lincoln a vampire he leave royalwoods not before turning luna into a vampire. She goes through the process of transforming into a vampire. Wh...
Loudtrap (a FNAF Loud house crossover) by jbash31
Loudtrap (a FNAF Loud house jbash31
When Lincoln is sleeping outside due to him being bad luck. He gets kidnaped by William Afton and gets stuffed in the spring Bonnie suit becoming the infamous Springtrap.
Lincoln and The Demon by TheBoarSin
Lincoln and The Demonby StaidAlarm42056
Lincoln was alone on Halloween night. He cried on the sidewalk and as he cried he was approached by a strange woman who offers him a chance not to be alone. He takes tha...
A Loud's return  by Cmdragon95
A Loud's return by Cmdragon95
Lincoln Loud is the oldest of the Loud siblings but at the age of 11 saw something he shouldn't have and runs away he returns 9 years later a changed man haven seen much...
Triplets by Dubekar
Tripletsby Az
Lincoln Loud, a boy who was marginalized by his own family when he thought he had bad luck, leaves his home and then wakes up in a house with peculiar members, since the...
A new family (Loud house NSL fanfic) by Red16dragon
A new family (Loud house NSL Red16dragon
Lincoln Loud getting adopted into another family along with his new siblings who all have to fight off strange and magical creatures to protect royal woods while trying...
Digimon Loud by Hollowhunter2
Digimon Loudby Hollowhunter2
Lincoln is drawn to the digital world and finds a new friend.
The Loudest Of Them All by ZexyZane
The Loudest Of Them Allby xXZexyZaneXx
The Loud House gets louder. With a long-lost member, How will the Loud Family react to this sudden revelation? Join the misadventures of the Loud Family as they tackle u...
Lincoln Loud (Michael Jackson) by DragonCamp94
Lincoln Loud (Michael Jackson)by Keanu Campbell
Lincoln Loud decided want to be singer and dancer and actor. His parents and sisters are so serious busy. Honor of Michael Jackson and Ture Legend Singer (1958-2009)
The Demon of the Ghoul School (Loud House x Ghoul School) by LRGriffin
The Demon of the Ghoul School ( LRGriffin
Betrayed by his family and ex-friends, Lincoln discovers he's not a human born into the Louds. He is instead a half-demon born from a human mother named Teresa Lucifero...
The Loud House Future [Remake and Continuation] by Reomatic
The Loud House Future [Remake ReoTheWolf
Lincoln and his 10 sisters goes into the future... What year would they be in the future? Find out by reading this! Disclaimer: The pictures or even the storyline does...
Complicated by SelySilly
Complicatedby 🍹🍬Mīňţý🍬🍹
So this is a fanfiction for The Loud House! It was recommended so I'm gonna do it! It's shipping minor Lynncoln. Not much! If you don't like this ship please leave. -Sel...
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Lincoln & Kat: A Year in the Life (season 1) by RawToonage
Lincoln & Kat: A Year in the C.C. Anthony
"Fall". Meet Lincoln Loud and Kat Ketchum, two children with complete opposite social backgrounds. But one day, fate brings them together. This, is their story...
A Loud Forgotten  by clockworkskull
A Loud Forgotten by clockworkskull
My story? we'll I'll tell you my story but sit down it's going to be a long one
We'll Be God by CartoonFF
We'll Be Godby CartoonFF
God. Creator of the Universe. The Father. The Almighty. Maggie didn't believe in that type of BS, but she later finds out that a certain 16-year-old Lincoln loud shares...
Lincoln the Huntsman by Hollowhunter2
Lincoln the Huntsmanby Hollowhunter2
Lincoln is no longer welcome to his family, what will he do now, will someone help him?
Lincolns Hero Academia by Hollowhunter2
Lincolns Hero Academiaby Hollowhunter2
In a world where over 80 percent of the population has superpowers, a boy has to get through without any, but for how long?