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How NSL Should Have Happened by Ch276Zj
How NSL Should Have Happenedby Ch276Zj
This is another NSL fanfic that shows a different take from the first NSL fanfic that I've made which is still ongoing. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters, Th...
Loud of Time-Skip by TheBoarSin
Loud of Time-Skipby StaidAlarm42056
Lincoln Loud was labeled as bad luck by his sisters and was locked out of his house. But when they did this he discovered a power that few have learned, and very few hav...
Iron Loud (on hiatus) by Clemson2018
Iron Loud (on hiatus)by Clemson
During the events of NSL, Lincoln runs away to New York where he saves Tony Stark from a near death experience and become the next Iron Man. Join Lincoln while he defend...
Chainsmoking your Love by CartoonFF
Chainsmoking your Loveby CartoonFF
Lincoln Loud was viewed by many to be a strong, caring, and kind person. He had suffered through so much, Sister Fight Protocol, Bad Luck, everything that was thrown at...
A new family (Loud house NSL fanfic) by Red16dragon
A new family (Loud house NSL Red16dragon
Lincoln Loud getting adopted into another family along with his new siblings who all have to fight off strange and magical creatures to protect royal woods while trying...
The Loud House: A Soldier's Heart  by Carl_Loud
The Loud House: A Soldier's Heart by • Ҩㄩ|乇ㄒ乃ㄖㄚ•
Lincoln Loud, A boy who is mistreated by his family and friends because his 'BAD LUCK' thanks to his sister Lynn jr who blamed him for loosing a baseball game (stupid ri...
Lincoln the Jedi by Hollowhunter2
Lincoln the Jediby Hollowhunter2
What if Lincoln can feel the force? Request from Evancorp123456
A Loud's Return  by Cmdragon95
A Loud's Return by Cmdragon95
Lincoln Loud is the oldest of the Loud siblings but at the age of 11 saw something he shouldn't have and runs away he returns 9 years later a changed man haven seen much...
The Loud-Flash (The Loud House x The Flash) by trps_007
The Loud-Flash (The Loud House x trps_007
Getting kicked out of The Loud Family, Lincoln runs away and was in Central City, while there, he meets a kind scientist let him to live in at his lab as along as Lincol...
Digimon Loud by Hollowhunter2
Digimon Loudby Hollowhunter2
Lincoln is drawn to the digital world and finds a new friend.
A life changing deal (Loud house x Hazbin Hotel) by Red16dragon
A life changing deal (Loud house Red16dragon
Lincoln ended up in a horrible accident that cost him his life. Desperate for a way to return to his family he makes a deal with a certain radio demon. "I will retu...
Lincoln the Huntsman by Hollowhunter2
Lincoln the Huntsmanby Hollowhunter2
Lincoln is no longer welcome to his family, what will he do now, will someone help him?
Lincoln Loud el cazador de Invizimals by Froixen763
Lincoln Loud el cazador de Froixen
Cuando Lincoln esperaba el paquete con su nueva consola, se adentra en un mundo de criaturas invisibles que le harán descubrir cosas que nunca hubiera imaginado. Los per...
(Adopted by This-Is-My-Time) Son Of A Goddess (RWBY x THL Crossover) by Lance1889
(Adopted by This-Is-My-Time) Son Lance1889
After NSL and finding out that he's not even a part of the family, Lincoln runs away from the Loud House, a house of the most promising huntress of Mistral, while he tri...
What is Family? (The Loud House x Helluva Boss x Hazbin Hotel FanFiction) by Author-King
What is Family? (The Loud House The Author King
After an 11 year old child named Lincoln Loud suffered from all of the unfair and unacceptable bull shit that his big family putted him through for many years, he runs a...
Anger Issues by Ch276Zj
Anger Issuesby Ch276Zj
The Loud sister's have been a massive pain towards the whole town of Royal Woods. And it's time that they knew that. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters...the...
Space Jam: A Loud Legacy  by loudsforlife
Space Jam: A Loud Legacy by Loudsforlife
13 year old basketball lover Abigail and her sister Ellie, don't always see eye to eye. But when Abigail and Ellie get sucked into a Digital Space by a rouge A.I, Abigai...
The Loud Dark Knight by Lightman2120
The Loud Dark Knightby Lightman 2120
A crossover with Loud House and Batman, where an amnesiac Lincoln had found himself and was raised by a wealthy family known as the Waynes. The day he lost them, he vowe...
The loud symbiotes  (a loud house x marvel crossover) by omegacrow-nexus
The loud symbiotes (a loud omegacrow-nexus
When a space rock crash lands in the loud family's backyard, Lisa loud began to run some tests on it. disaster struck as the space rock cracks open and an alien slime ca...
Son of a ghost (Loud house x Danny Phantom) by Red16dragon
Son of a ghost (Loud house x Red16dragon
After the events of nsl Lincoln leaves home in hopes of starting a new life, but instead he meets teen idol Ember McLain and Lincoln finds out that Ember is his real mot...