Sup my baby bunnies?! My name is Abie (Like Abby but cooler ;D), nice to meet you!
What can I say that hasn’t already been said on this site?
I like reading and writing. Well duh why else would someone be here?
Oh I got one! I’m 15…but then again you probably don’t care
Hum something insightful, something insightful. Ok, why’d the chicken cross the road?!…No, no EVERYONE knows that one.
Gaaa, how can someone sound original on this thing?!

Bottom line I’m a hyper, random teenage nerd girl. Got a problem with that? Well go take it up with my magical pet toaster =D

I SUPORT GAY LOVE! But I am a straight chick (Too bad for all yo ladies out there xD)

I’m terrible at updating stories. Not only am I a major procrastinator, I also have ADHD and have a history of getting side-tracked by new story ideas. Just warning you!

Feel free to PM me!!! Naw really im an awsome person, just do it (Hehe that sounds dirty)

Panic at the disco, Cage the Elephant, Taking Back Sunday, Sleeper Agent, Mumford and sons, A Rocket To The Moon, Cartel, All Time Low, Fall out boy, and Marianas Trench <3

Acting in plays, reading and writing, BoyxBoy, BEING LOUD, Anime, The colors Black and red, Teen Titans, suspenders, NCIS, Teen wolf, British YouTubers, my friends, family and YOU!

I am a anime/Manga freak! Anime nerds unite!

I <3 Larry
I <3 Phan
I <3 KickTheStickz
I <3 Sterek

Im super protective over my friends and family so you mess with them and you betta WATCH OUT! I'll use my awesome ninja skills on you!

Go give @lilasmysteries some love 'cause she's awesome :) @haileymarie321 is my wifey. You hurt @freakingblue_eyes and I'll castrate you ;)

I snort really loud when I laugh. I literally faint at the sight of other peoples physical pain. I love zombie movies. My fav number is 7. I love potatoes. Im kinda short, only 5"3. And uh...I love sleep...yeah sleep is good.

That’s it for now my lovely little stalkers!
Love Me Or Die!
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To Do List1.) Pass midterms next week2.) Finish that god forsaken chapter of The Truce3.)Sleep for a million years
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