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Along For the Ride by knightsrachel
Along For the Rideby Rachel
Along For The Ride is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. When Katelyn is for...
The work of fate by Scarlet_wind_2101
The work of fateby Scarlet_Wind
When Obito is killed by Kuguya's attack he though he would wake up in heaven or hell..not his old bedroom from when he was 13 years old, in his 13 year old body (Eventua...
The Artist's Amour (BWWM) ✓ by wambuimuiruriii
The Artist's Amour (BWWM) ✓by Wambui Muiruri
You know when you were younger and they told you that you could be whoever you wished to be? You could grow up and become whatever you set your mind and heart upon? Yep...
So... I Am Diana? by VitoDeCeniza
So... I Am Diana?by Ceniza
Fanfiction: Who Made Me A Princess Status: Hiatus Cover not mine ©tto ••• I am a writer and I was once a ballerina. A normal human being living peacefully in my one-sto...
Someone Else by novelsandcoffee
Someone Elseby novelsandcoffee
After moving to London with her best friend, the last thing Elle expects is to fall for a celebrity - though it may be more trouble than it's worth. ...
Once a ninja by launicnun
Once a ninjaby Laura 333
Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru Nara, Hinata Uzumaki Hyuga, Rock Lee, Gaara of the Sand, Temari Nara, and Kankurō of the Sand. The last ones left. To go back to their genin d...
Playing By The Rules by BrandonWong048
Playing By The Rulesby Brandon Wong
What happens when an arrogant hockey star falls for an honor student that only wants to stay away from trouble? On the ice, Caleb Dawson is unstoppable, but his talent a...
An Honest Kiss by Sarahbeth552002
An Honest Kissby Sarah Jones
Rachel had survived and she had moved on with her life by following a dream that she had always had, to be a medical relief worker in West Africa. She would finally be f...
Beautiful Disaster- a Naruto fanfiction by Babywolf-Lover
Beautiful Disaster- a Naruto E.O Wolf
During the chunin exams, Naru is raped by Orochimaru. After confirming she is pregnant, she, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Shizune travel around during the time. Once her child i...
In the Blink of an Eye (Sasusaku) by AppleBlossomTea
In the Blink of an Eye (Sasusaku)by 🍥Love Naruto🍡
~ Sakura's eyes shone with tears, looking back at her teacher with a broken-hearted look. But, when Tsunade looked deep into her eyes, she found they mirrored her own. A...
We're From The Future by EveryKarmaLegend
We're From The Futureby Clever Karma
(Completed) Marinette was having a normal day. Saving the day, foaming at the mouth from Adrien, ignoring Chat, that sort of thing. Until she was walking in the park, wh...
 Rimuru is bored so he went everywhere.[My Hero Academia]  by iambeluga
Rimuru is bored so he went Diablo
Rimuru Tempest, the mc of tensei shitara slime datta ken, is bored at handling too much document and paperwork so he ditched them and went somewhere, entertaining.The st...
Fem Sasuke x Naruto by fazesniper101
Fem Sasuke x Narutoby Exskillz
At the valley of the end Sasuke decided to take her dobe and not go to Orochimaru but travel knowing the village hated him so she took Naruto and have him help her defea...
𝘈𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘮í𝘰 by AnnaMoon138
𝘈𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘮í𝘰by AnnaMoon
Fragment: "Unexpectedly, your mother became pregnant once again. We were extremely happy about it, but once the doctor said that it is a girl, I was euphoric. I ru...
Are We Really In Past?? by coldcoffee29
Are We Really In Past??by COLD COFFEE
What will happen if our favorite juniors time travel back? How are the people in past gonna react? This is going to be my first story , I am new to this as well . Hope y...
နေခြည်ထွေး၍ နွေးပါစေ by Kattamkaung
နေခြည်ထွေး၍ နွေးပါစေby KATTAM KAUNG
အချစ်ရဲ့ Timing , လူတွေရဲ့ ခံယူချက် အမျိုးမျိုးနဲ့ တိုးတက်မှုနှောင့်နှေးနေတဲ့ ဒေသတွေဆီ တစ်ခေါက်လောက် သွားကြည့်ကြမလား? အခ်စ္ရဲ႕ Timing , လူေတြရဲ႕ ခံယူခ်က္ အမ်ိဳးမ်ိဳးနဲ႕...
His little ancestors were spoiled by Old_School_Girl
His little ancestors were spoiledby Old_School_Girl
"If you dare to leave me, I will scrap these legs!" The angry man pointed to his long legs and said.    "If you don't go, you won't go, I won't go..."...
Stumble [Rewrite] by writer168
Stumble [Rewrite]by a ninja
Sakura wanted to die. Sasori was fine with staying dead. But it seemed fate had other plans for them, because when they both wake up younger with blood pulsing through...
Colliding pasts | ongoing by bookish_words_addict
Colliding pasts | ongoingby SALI M 💫
He cups my face with his huge hands and says "as long as I'm here with you, you are not going through anything alone. I love you too much to see you secretly hurtin...
Platonic [H.S] (Book 1) by stylesaussie
Platonic [H.S] (Book 1)by claudia
[Book 1] Not many people are lucky enough to have a close and genuine friend in a person as Olivia Masterson does in someone as remarkable as Harry Styles. Having been b...