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Symbiotic Heroes [Hiatus(Sort Off)] by Phantomous_Author
Symbiotic Heroes [Hiatus(Sort Off)]by Daiki Nakimura
A meteor shower is about to happen which excited most people and a group of teens went to a certain location which one of them calculated where the meteors will land so...
Never Fear by Inconvenient_Ideal
Never Fearby 🌻I Drift; I Fall🌻
Growing up together and being friends is all well and good. But sanity slips, and bonds break. People who were once friends can become enemies, even more so they can bec...
The Prototype, the Symbiote, The Scarab, and the E.V.O by adamabyss12
The Prototype, the Symbiote, The adamabyss12
The SCP world has been known for housing a number of supernatural entities for the sake of humanity's normalcy and to keep them safe. And there is no exception of these...
The Hybrid Dragon (Male Hybrid Dragon Reader x RWBY Harem) by zombiereader334
The Hybrid Dragon (Male Hybrid zombiedude334
You are Y/n Zoros, you are a student at beacon and you get bullied, you did make some friends with JNPR, RWBY and CFVY, until one day you found out your girlfriend cheat...
My Hero Academia: The Symbiotic Hero  by GHOST5370
My Hero Academia: The Symbiotic GHOST
In this world, 80% of humanity is born with special powers called quirks. It all started in Qingqing City, China, where a baby was born radiating light. Soon, people aro...
Adversary || Eddie Brock/Venom x Child! Reader by putmebackinthefridge
Adversary || Eddie Brock/Venom x just trynna groove
Their dad's imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit and their step-brother went crazy and decapitated his mom. Without much options, they're forced to move all the way f...
Fearful and the Fearless- A Jonathan Crane Fan Fiction by cashleykate
Fearful and the Fearless- A Cashley
Shannon Marks has lived a very traumatic life. After her mother was killed, she suffered from extreme xenophobia and claustrophobia. School was a nightmare with only one...
Little Nightmares: He's My Toxin and Protector (Six X OC Reader) by Huyhuynh406
Little Nightmares: He's My Toxin Hhuynh24
Aqua/Toxin: "We...are Toxin....Son of Carnage." Aqua Hoshino Parker AKA Toxin is the son of Carnage/God Of Symbiotes & Chaos...and he was living normal life wi...
"New World." (Fortnite X Male Reader.) by SpartanOfLegendary
"New World." (Fortnite X Male GhostOfShawn
Y/n Was your Amazing Gamer. He lives in an apartment with his two friends, and his favorite video game is Fortnite. He was on PS4 and got all the characters, Emote, Back...
A Disappointment (Villain Deku) by FARIS_00
A Disappointment (Villain Deku)by aesh
Toshinori yagi and Inko midoriya were secretly a pro hero and a parents to a twin of a boy and a girl named izuku and izumi yagi .They both admires and love heroes and...
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Naruto next sage of the six paths by AlpHa__KeNNy__BODYXV
Naruto next sage of the six pathsby putoelquelolea
Naruto always was treated as a demon since he was born however in the night of his birthday when he was 6 he got some presents that change his life
Resident evil: let there be carnage.  by DJjammer
Resident evil: let there be DJjammer
Waylon Harker, a man who has been working with Jill valentine to acuse umbrella of their dangerous work with viruses, has been kidnapped and injected with their latest t...
Spider's Vengeance by Ashborn567
Spider's Vengeanceby Ashborn567
Formerly titled 'The Symbiotic Hero: Klyntar' Izuku Yagi was beaten down every day for dreaming of being a hero even though he was powerless. His sister, the only person...
Symbiotes | Marvel Fanfiction by TheWritingPikachu
Symbiotes | Marvel Fanfictionby TheWritingPikachu
A normal high school kid Marcus was just doing his business until one day something changes his life. Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Marvel
Paw patrol symbiont outbreak by skarshall_159
Paw patrol symbiont outbreakby Skarshall for life
Marshall finally getting the hang of his new ally now is put to the test when two dangerous symbionts break out and wreak havoc on adventure city. It's up the Marshall a...
Spider-Man: The New Symbiote God by Allmightyfor1
Spider-Man: The New Symbiote Godby AllMighty1
After a fateful battle between Peter and Knull, Peter somehow wins. Becoming the new king of the Klyntar species. He gains the powers and abilities of every single symbi...
Avatar The Rise of The Symbiote Hybrid  by ArkScorpion669
Avatar The Rise of The Symbiote ArkScorpion669
one day on a Pandora a ship crash landed that a married was on the husband died during the crash while the wife was giving birth to their child then a species call the N...
symbiotes rise MHA / OC's x bnha by TigersAreNeat
symbiotes rise MHA / OC's x bnhaby Gaming and Cats
10 original characters inside the story of my hero academia (modified version of symbiotes)
Parable! Ink & Exemplum! Error || Tłumaczenie PL || by Lischadrii_Lian
Parable! Ink & Exemplum! Error || Lischadrii_Lian
Hej! Witam Was w tłumaczeniu komiksów/Opisów postaci z instragrama, nie znajdziecie tutaj tylko Parable! Inka i Exemplum! Errora, żeby się dowiedzieć, zajrzyj do k...