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Broken Mistake by PalJaggi
Broken Mistakeby Pal Jaggi
"ITS MY MISTAKE, I WAS EXPECTING THE SAME LOVE IN RETURN". this story i will made when i complete my 1st story. i have idea of story like when tae and jungkook...
Hey guys it's my new book. This is a story of jeons twins and their three years old baby boy, who determinely want someone as his MOMMA. Let's see who is that someone...
Behind That Mask by LunaKV
Behind That Maskby Miamorelle
Taehyung is a boy, a boy who hides his self beneath those thick glasses, braces and weak persona The reason behind it? Oh, its because he's--like others say.... Ugly. Wi...
Puppet✅ by jennytaegguk
Puppet✅by Stupid Innocent
Puppet Jungkook controlled what he wants that's why he also controlled his spouse's life like a puppet who obeyed him what everything he told without thinking about hi...
Our Twisted Love Affairs | vk ✓ by EuphoriaUnnie
Our Twisted Love Affairs | vk ✓by nura⁷
5th book! Jungkook, a merciless men, and Taehyung, innocent but naughty boy who is trying to be the dominant one in a relationship. They both can't protect or help each...
Father [KTH.JJK] ✔️ by chxrry_tk
Father [KTH.JJK] ✔️by iloveyouhoe
In which Bogum made taehyung pregnant but he doesn't want to be a father of the child, so he decides to leaves taehyung alone. Bogum wasn't going back until Jungkook hel...
𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐒 | 𝗞𝗩 by koomoji
i cant make a whole book, so i make oneshots/scenarios instead. Lovelots❤️
Arrange Marriage to a Mafia ✅ by jennytaegguk
Arrange Marriage to a Mafia ✅by Stupid Innocent
Taehyung gets married to a rich, handsome and C.E.O in South Korea. He is supposed to be happy because he can buy anything he wants and be happy with his life but he can...
Sweet Enemy ✅ by jennytaegguk
Sweet Enemy ✅by Stupid Innocent
Enemy means opposed or hostile to someone but in this story, Jungkook treats Taehyung as a different enemy. cover credits to amazing: aisyx__
𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐈𝐭 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 || 𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐊𝐨𝐨𝐤 by taes_gucci_flipflops
𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐈𝐭 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 || 𝐓𝐚𝐞 tae._
jungkook and taehyung were just a normal teenage couple. but when tae gets pregnant, jungkook leaves. the two never thought they would meet again, until they run into ea...
Your Name |Taekook| Small Town Lovers by YourUnnie232
Your Name |Taekook| Small Town ✿
sequal of Chiku, read Chiku first to understand everything :) After receiving such betrayal, got cheated on by his Kookie Hyung, Taehyung is now Fully moved on his life...
Taekook oneshots with different ideas. One might be fluff, seggs, angst, it can be anything. But the thing is, Jungkook is top. Get ready to say wtf?? aww •́ ‿ ,•̀ and...
The Fault in our Fate | vk✓ by EuphoriaUnnie
The Fault in our Fate | vk✓by nura⁷
WARNING: READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED - MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH _____ 2nd book! Taehyung must find a suitable donor to save his daughter's life through a bone marrow tran...
Blueberry Eyes Boy | vk✓ by EuphoriaUnnie
Blueberry Eyes Boy | vk✓by nura⁷
4th book! Young doctor Jeongguk was sent to the Kim family to serve as their personal physician. - He never expected to fall in love with Taehyung, Kim's younger son, wh...
💕I'M JUST YOUR CAT💕  by Loaenia
💕I'M JUST YOUR CAT💕 by Cynthia H.
Jungkook is a normal boy in his twenties, like the others. Apart from the fact that, He is the unluckiest human in the world. Well, The whole universe is against him. N...
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Pleasure and Pain (Under Editing) by jennytaegguk
Pleasure and Pain (Under Editing)by Stupid Innocent
A story where Taehyung and Jungkook have a happy married life. Everything was so perfect for them, in everyone's eyes they are the luckiest couple. But, is there really...
TaeKook/KookV | What Are We? by _Tae_95_
TaeKook/KookV | What Are We?by ~Tae~
[COMPLETED] A FETUS BOOK. CRINGE... "Koo... this isn't normal. We're best friends" "Then let's make this our normal" A story in which Jeongguk and Ta...
ONE SHOTS - TK by taetoyourkook
ONE SHOTS - TKby eyu
taekook oneshots - #3 - taekookoneshots #47 - sideships #801 - happy ending #20 - kooktae #1 - taehyungxjungkook #3 - topgguk
can we kiss forever | vk✓ by EuphoriaUnnie
can we kiss forever | vk✓by nura⁷
6th book! in the hospital, jungkook awoke with a headache and severe amnesia. his head has healed since then, but his memories have not returned. he was in the garden fo...
𝑻𝒂𝒆𝒌𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝑶𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔 by taequila_23
𝑻𝒂𝒆𝒌𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝑶𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔by ʍɑյҽՏԵվ
𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘪𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘪𝘵 𝘢𝘭𝘭 ☹ : Angst ㋡: Fluff