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The Prince's Visions by Havecouragebkind
The Prince's Visionsby Josie
People say that death is not the end. For Evelyn, it's not. After battling cancer for almost four years, death is something that this nineteen year old girl welcomes wit...
Lady Hope of Middle Earth by Queen_B_of_fanfics
Lady Hope of Middle Earthby Isabell Clay
Hope Mikaelson has never been the luckiest person, but her luck reaches an all time low when she is expelled from Malivore only to end up in a world that is not her own...
Adar & Ion: A-da? (Series, baby Legolas, General LOTR Fanfiction) by sivanshemesh5
Adar & Ion: A-da? (Series, baby Le...by Sivan Shemesh
Could one word save the king from falling completely to grief? pic by deducemysoul.tumblr.com, found on google images
Emerge the Dragonborn | The Hobbit by evenstar_
Emerge the Dragonborn | The Hobbitby evenstar_
"To fight evil; you must first understand the dark." From the blood of Dragons, a child shall rise, Born of fire and fear, her fate sealed with lies. For she...
Bilbo's Surprise (Hobbit Oneshot) by Winchester_Huntress
Bilbo's Surprise (Hobbit Oneshot)by Solstice
Bilbo has a pet, much to everyone's surprise. Gandalf barely knows about this surprise, but most of the Shire does. Everyone knows better than to try to take anything of...
New Beginnings by Mrsfaustus13
New Beginningsby Mrsfaustus13
Given a choice to leave after the battle of Hogwarts Sakura Potter finds after so much pain there is much love too. All rights reserved I do not give permission for this...
An Angel As Queen; A Thranduil love story. by EvelineCaulawain
An Angel As Queen; A Thranduil lov...by EvelineCaulawain
*Updated all chapters and changed the storyline a bit on 26-02-24 so if you're confused I do recommend rereading the previous chapters* Amdiriel was only four when her s...
Lord Of Rivendell. by GrindelwaldSparrow
Lord Of Rivendell.by Miss Mischief
elrond x female reader This books is based on my O.C that I have,all Middle Earth characters and places belong to J.R.R Tolkien. Y/n belongs to you her story belongs to...
Legolas teenage stories  by Ly_Shadow
Legolas teenage stories by Ly_Shadow
Some stories about legolas's life as a teenager In those stories he will appear to be around ~14-16yo Some chapters will be connected, so it's better to read them in ord...
One Shots= The Hobbit and LOTR by AntaresCanopus
One Shots= The Hobbit and LOTRby Jaclyn Strange
One Shot's of LOTR and The Hobbit, I do popular and unpopular people from Middle Earth - even if your've got a wee like for a person that is only mentioned in the books...
LotR & The Hobbit X Reader by JanttuBaka
LotR & The Hobbit X Readerby JanttuBaka
Okay so here is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit X Readers. I want you all to know that i want to avoid the fact that some characters die, so if i write about character...
Infinity Ring (Legolas Love Story)  by sexylegolas
Infinity Ring (Legolas Love Story) by Natalie Rushman
LEGOLAS X OC. TENTH WALKER. Leigh Ann woke up in a forest with a strange ring on her finger and a blade on her neck. A medieval looking man and a certain elf prince came...
The Secret of Lasgalen by 741258963w
The Secret of Lasgalenby Shadowpelt
He wasn't there for him. He didn't manage to save her. And the guilt weighed on him. He could stand it no longer. Nor could his father. Legolas did not remember her fac...
Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Imagines and One-shots (Requests Closed) by invisame
Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Imagi...by invisame
The title is pretty self-explanatory. I own none of the recognizable characters, places etc. I only own my original characters and plot lines. I will gladly take request...
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings one shots and Imagines by Avengerssoulmate
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings o...by Avengerssoulmate
The world of J.R.R Tolkien is one of the greatest ever written about, and inspiration for these one shots and imagines. Read about your favourite Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits...
The Tale of Annalee by Havecouragebkind
The Tale of Annaleeby Josie
This is the tale of Annalee, in which the Crown Prince of Mirkwood falls in love with a girl who is as broken as she is beautiful. ____ Special thanks to Elen-Silver St...
Just a Simple Mistake (LOTR General  Fanfiction) by sivanshemesh5
Just a Simple Mistake (LOTR Genera...by Sivan Shemesh
Lord Elrond and the twins blamed him. How could he look at his friend's face once again? It was his fault and he knew it.
Alive - Fili Durin by rocketeerin
Alive - Fili Durinby rocketeerin
Leona Baggins lives with her older brother Bilbo in the peaceful rolling hills of the Shire - that peace is short-lived when a wizard and a group of chaotic dwarves seek...
Only Time  by OlgaPinsky
Only Time by Olga Pinsky
(An Official Wattpad Fan fiction) Follow Hedraliel, Legolas' wife as she gives a first hand account on how they met, the multiple love triangles that nearly separated th...
On The Edge Of Death (Legolas/Haldir Fanfic) by Colfinthel
On The Edge Of Death (Legolas/Hald...by Bella Confinthel Vylia
Two sisters, gifted with powers. One Ring, a fellowship to end the evil. Love, death and hate. What are you going to die for?