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My Little Sweetheart by chandusweety4
My Little Sweetheartby chandu sweety
#1-Romedy(11/02/2022) #1-Indian love(21/07/2021) #1-Puppy love(02-5-2021) #8-Romance(29/06/2021) # 9-Awesome(30/3/2021) #5-Tease(30/3/2021) #17-cousins(30/3/2021) Abhima...
Nee En Usiru Yaarukum Naan Tharamaten ~ An Ashangi Fanfiction by Crazyy_imagines
Nee En Usiru Yaarukum Naan Tharama...by Ashwin ❤ Sivaangi
Love... An ethereal feeling... Surreal moment... His heart skipped it's beat, seeing her alluring beauty... She entered his heart in swift motion, breaking all his cells...
My Handsome Tutor by COCOSTORIES__
My Handsome Tutorby ☪️CoCo☪️
Kang Lisa. A Korean girl who has a big crush on the university's IT boy and Campus president, Jeon Jungkook. She's just a simple girl. A student of Class D, who keeps o...
🌹My Best Friend's A Witch (Gravity Falls Dipper x Reader)🌹 by IvBeauty
🌹My Best Friend's A Witch (Gravit...by haha sussy baka
When preteens Dipper and Mabel Pines go to live with their great uncle Stan, they're forced to stay and work at the tourist trap known as the Mystery Shack, along with t...
As long as you wish by Samuelasery
As long as you wishby Chaengchaeng
This story is about Mina the single mother of Xaoing who tries every possible way to give whatever her child needs. Xaoing has never spoken a word ever since his childho...
Pottah ✔ by screechiolo
Pottah ✔by maus
"Love is magical." - Anonymous Ranked #11 - hpff
Puppy Love || TK by beautaefulkoo
Puppy Love || TKby 𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐎.
❝Will you marry me TaeTae?❞ a seven years old Jeongguk asked his TaeTae. © beautaefulkoo 2020 Do NOT plagiarize 🚫
For My Girls by WrittenbyKee
For My Girlsby 𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐧𝐚𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬
Season 1 🌹 "ever since 9th grade I've been called Skinny Minny and now I'm tired of it" ***************************************************** 16 year old Jay...
No! I Don't Love You! by aaradhana_adithya
No! I Don't Love You!by Aaradhana Adithya
Can love happen twice? Heard somewhere this phase? Oh yeah in Ravinder Singh's book. But this is not his story. Let me ask you clearly, Can love happen twice with the sa...
Surangi, The Child Bride by kahiliginger
Surangi, The Child Brideby kahiliginger
There was confusion in the eyes of the seven year old Surangi as they dipped mango leaves into the sandal-turmeric paste to anoint her. She did not know what marriage me...
𝑺𝒉𝒚 (miya x reader) by thatfivesimp
𝑺𝒉𝒚 (miya x reader)by thatmiyachinensimp
You are Cherry's non-biological daughter and have some pretty severe trauma from before you met. You've always been kept a secret from everyone around you since you wer...
°•|♡|ORDINARY|♡|•° by aquila_astrophell
°•|♡|ORDINARY|♡|•°by aquila_astrophell
Puppy Love (Gregory fnaf x fem!reader) by gjw_lovers
Puppy Love (Gregory fnaf x fem!rea...by G
You and Gregory always were together somewhere in the pizza plex, you were like magnets. You both develop feelings for each other and it's funny seeing you guys try to h...
DaddyDomless by whereisjuma
DaddyDomlessby Juma 🍄☁️✨🤍
I love him. I love daddy more than anything in the world. Daddy makes me feel special and loved, how every little girl should feel. I made him happy. I made his stress...
I've Got You {Year One} by banna_lynn
I've Got You {Year One}by banna_lynn
The Dursley's took Harry in with open arms and raised him as their own. Lucius Malfoy never wanted the Dark life. Two boys eager to prove themselves become best friends...
The dog that turned wolf  by CassandraMcLaughlin
The dog that turned wolf by Cassie Mae
This story is about a dog who was abused and ran away, she found her way into a wolf pack where the Alpha of the pack took interest in her. All she wanted was a family a...
Addicted To You!! ✔️  by Peppermint_Kisses27
Addicted To You!! ✔️ by Peppermint Kisses
They hear small small foot steps coming from hall. They immediately knew whose footsteps those are. She slowly drags her feet into dinning room while rubbing her eyes a...
lovely° HAECHAN by ppppoppoo
lovely° HAECHANby 🍡dango🍡
°nct haechan soulmates au° [ COMPLETE ] " Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful, isn't she precious " A stranger turned into a lover. [ 01/11/2...
Stand By Me x Reader ( Teddy Duchamp <3 ) by ur_pretty_cool
Stand By Me x Reader ( Teddy Ducha...by simp ;P
You're Y/n Olsen, cousins with Gordie and Dennis Lachance. You stayed at Castle Rock almost your entire life but that all changed when your father passed away due to...
Talk to me {UNDERGOING EDITING} by WeebTwT1
Talk to me {UNDERGOING EDITING}by WeebTwT1
"Please just talk to me" the broken boy pleaded. No one at U.A had ever heard you utter a single word so how what would come when the both of you were paired t...