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Kaishin Oneshots by geniusbutpsychx
Kaishin Oneshotsby Kudo_Kaito
Just a bunch of oneshots that contained Kudou Shinichi and Kuroba Kaito.
  • hurt
  • shinichi
  • fluff
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Two to Four [KaiShin & SaguHei] by geniusbutpsychx
Two to Four [KaiShin & SaguHei]by Kudo_Kaito
Uh... It turns out to be a foursome relationship. ::>_<:: I'm a Saguru and Heiji shipper. ^^ As well as KaiShin. This is rated M! Just in case I put something that...
  • heiji
  • romance
  • hurt
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My Love [KaiShin] by geniusbutpsychx
My Love [KaiShin]by Kudo_Kaito
The whole story started when Shinichi went to Ekoda High with Ran and the rest of his classmates for a school trip. With Kaito dressing like a maid as a waitress. Then...
  • kaito
  • romance
  • shinichi
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Shinichi X Reader: Bruises and Bite-marks  by zombielover8469
Shinichi X Reader: Bruises and Bit...by zombielover8469
After the disappearance of her mother. (Y/n) was forced to go to a public school by her so called 'Step father', Gotou. Since the parasite outbreak, (Y/n) was homeschool...
  • shinichi
  • xreader
  • shots
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KaiShin Doujinshi by Kyuushirou
KaiShin Doujinshiby きゅうしろう
Kumpulan doujin KaiShin (Kuroba Kaito x Kudo Shinichi) dengan berbagai genre yang jelas BUKAN buatan Kyuu, cuma sekadar menge-share :') Warning : R18, yaoi, dll Disclaim...
  • canon
  • shinichi
  • kurobakaito
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Kaitou Kid One-Shots by NoraHanson1
Kaitou Kid One-Shotsby NoraHanson1
I already completed two stories of my favorite Phantom Thief below the Moonlight! Since I still have too many ideas roaming around in my brain which are impossible to br...
  • kudoshinichi
  • kudo
  • kurobakaito
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Soulmates [SaguKai] by geniusbutpsychx
Soulmates [SaguKai]by Kudo_Kaito
Hakuba Saguru attended one of Kaitou KID's heist, Midnight's Nightmare, to find out that both of them are soulmates. Suicide attempt! A few self-harming! Read at your ow...
  • fluff
  • heiji
  • cute
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Reborn in Detective Conan by TwilightSilver
Reborn in Detective Conanby SilverStar ( S.S )
This is a story about a girl who died because of Truck-san AKA Accident. She thought that she was finally going to Heaven but NO~ God just had to be mean and make her...
  • rebirth
  • kudoshinichi
  • kill
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The Discovery: a Detective Conan Fanfic  by kitkatsnkittens
The Discovery: a Detective Conan F...by kitkatsnkittens
Will a nice vacation save Conan, Ran, and Mr. Mouri from another mystery? Never! This great getaway in the mountains leads them to yet another murder, and an appearance...
  • mystery
  • murder
  • rachel
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Sample Girl (ongoing) by JoyLunjasLopez
Sample Girl (ongoing)by Joy Lunjas Lopez
she is very beautiful ..but she hide it and same times weird... hi to all readers ....I'm beginner to create story ... sorry sa wrong grammars .. I hope na you like it...
  • anika
  • forever
  • joyjoy
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A Study of Kudo Shinichi by Regterdrache
A Study of Kudo Shinichiby Regterdrache
He contemplated the potentials of his own genius intellect and strong charisma (-or, why Kudo Shinichi clung to his strong morals stubornly)
  • detective
  • post-canon
  • shinichi
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Tiểu thuyết Conan (tập 2): Phù thủy xứ Ejinbara by nonodaichi
Tiểu thuyết Conan (tập 2): Phù thủ...by Nakamori Aoko
"Conan, thám tử Kogoro, Ran và Đội thám tử nhí đặt chân tới vùng đất cảng đầy sương mù Ejinbara. Họ cứu một luật sư khỏi vụ tấn công ở khu nghĩa trang dành cho ngườ...
  • danh
  • edogawa
  • hattori
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Sueño [Sin Editar] by NayuaEzzeghary
Sueño [Sin Editar]by NAYU
Un inesperado reencuentro siendo la raíz de ello un extraño sueño fue lo que les llevó a vivir una situación en la que o bien podría triunfar el amor o el rencor ¿Qué su...
  • amor
  • pasado
  • aihaibara
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One Moment by XtreamCore
One Momentby XtreamCore
Just one blissfull and tender moment between , Ran and Shinichi. What are his feelings, seeing her so close and yet so unreachable?
  • mouri
  • closed
  • detective
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[Kaishin/BL]_Cậu bạn ngốc à,em là của tôi... by AkitoLibra
[Kaishin/BL]_Cậu bạn ngốc à,em là...by Kachi Akito
Dô truyện dùm nha '-')/ Fic đầu nên mọi người nèm đá mạnh tay nha~ Tui còn sửa~~~:3 BL nha chắc cx có H Không thick click back lun nha Moa moa iu nhìu <3<3
  • kaito
  • kashin
  • shinichi
Darlings And Suitors by Not-Tea
Darlings And Suitorsby Tea
A new fanfiction you have never seen. After the death of Shinichi, Ran and Shiho started dating. But the Organization is still out and hunting Shiho. A mysterious box w...
  • meitanteiconan
  • detectiveconan
  • caseclosed
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Pick a flower by justlovekarma
Pick a flowerby justlovekarma
A dcmk story! Ok so this Little story takes place after the entire "Shrunken" part. So the B.O. is defeated and Conan/Shinichi(it will take me a while to get u...
  • detective
  • detectiveconan
  • caseclosed
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Detective Conan / Case Closed : Connecting the Dots by ConanChan
Detective Conan / Case Closed : Co...by I am Conan-chan and I ♥ "Meit...
Conan Edogawa told Ran Mouri that solving a mystery is like connecting the dots. Ran learned it and uses it to find Shinichi Kudo!!! Will she finish connecting the dots...
  • mouri
  • edogawa
  • connecting
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