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Two Boys Learning by texaschild19
Two Boys Learningby Ur mom’s favorite
Will and Ash are best friends, except they aren't exactly "friends." Will is a typical angsty teenager who hates anything that moves. Ash is a bubbly, nerdy bo...
Glory of the Midnight Sun √ by rameesharants
Glory of the Midnight Sun √by Ree
• Twice Wattpad Featured • #1 in Spiritual • The moon hid behind the clouds, the wind refused to blow and the mountains trembled at the sight in front of them. Fates wer...
Cody x Reader Total Drama Island by fandomjones
Cody x Reader Total Drama Islandby Jonesy
You are a contestant on Total Drama Island. Will you win the cash prize, or true love?
The Black Butler Psychic by hellooo_hellooooo
The Black Butler Psychicby hellooo_hellooooo
What happens when a certain psychic travels back in time? ----- Saiki K x Black Butler crossover
Red Gear by thedoctorgonepale
Red Gearby Thedoctorgonepale
With one Royal kingdom that rules what's left of humanity and a rebellion that fights for equality for everyone, the organizations are constantly fighting against one an...
Claus by MikaelaBender
Clausby Mikaela Bender
Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are all real. But they're nothing like who we've grown up believing in. Half Elf, Faryn Morozko is the illegitimate daughter...
Closer // Graham Coxon by britpopinnit
Closer // Graham Coxonby britpopinnit
**serious, sweet, intricate yet simple love story written out as a romantic novel that is easy to digest & romanticize** - closer - where graham pretends to be clueless...
The Pack and Me by Amaya2587
The Pack and Meby Amanda bourdeau
This story begins with Ember ten years after she had gotten lost in the woods and was found by a pack of wolves who led her home. she begins to leave the town to play wi...
Lᴇᴠɪ x Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ 𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘁𝘀 by ran_iko
Lᴇᴠɪ x Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ 𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘁𝘀by Ran ☆
What does the title say? Enjoy guys! Feel free to request some stuff!
Kamen Rider Zero one: Remnant Authorized by thedoctorgonepale
Kamen Rider Zero one: Remnant Auth...by Thedoctorgonepale
Hiden intelligence is Remnants largest tech company. The company works on technology to help better Remnants future. One day, a unknown being cause a large explosion in...
The Middle Blockers Meet The Setter : Book 1 (Deanna Wong and Ivy Lacsina ) by MichHanwilass
The Middle Blockers Meet The Sette...by Mićh Elle 🇵🇭🇪🇦
Listen what happened comes when the Middle Blockers meet the Setter in reality .
Hustle (Book 1 in The Hunted Hearts) - SYTYCW Winner #action #comedy #romance by clairechilton
Hustle (Book 1 in The Hunted Heart...by Claire Chilton
RULE#1: DON'T STEAL HIS HEART. After ripping off a dangerous mob boss, Ellie Phillips decides it's time to quit hustling and give up her life of crime. She just needs a...
His♡♡♡ by myusagi1
His♡♡♡by alex
○BAKUGOU X FEM READER○ ♤bakugou and y/n have been friends since they had quirks.♤ ♡he doesn't like to admit it (in the beginning) but he likes you a lot.♡ The story star...
When The Light Goes Out by LitVix
When The Light Goes Outby LitVix
Monique Leavings isn't very well adjusted to social interactions. She meets Barry during one of those awkward interactions. When they cross paths a second time and she f...
Pokemon: The Glaring Desire by Hankan27
Pokemon: The Glaring Desireby Hankan27
"After losing the Desire Grand Prix, they decided to steal the Vision Driver and leave to another world. A world where they can control and play the Desire Grand Pr...
Seeking Comfort by Broccolicannon
Seeking Comfortby Broccolicannon
Levi brought his hands up level with his face and turned them, inspecting the many little cuts that tainted his skin a dark red. "There's blood on my hands.&quo...
The One Who Tells the Tale  by WithoutAnInk
The One Who Tells the Tale by WithoutAnInk
Writers are storytellers but what if those stories we thought as fiction were actually a fragment of their lost memories from their past lives? What if writers exist t...
A tale of Mages and Monsters (on hiatus) by Elementisphere
A tale of Mages and Monsters (on h...by Elementisphere
The barrier has been broken. Not due to SOULs, but due to a successful experiment by Doctor Gaster. Now, monsters must assimilate into the human world, where, apparently...
Merlin's Gold by TheOrangutan
Merlin's Goldby Gavin Wilson
(Historical Fiction / Adventure) Treachery and intrigue, adventure, action and romance are at the fore in this tale set around the legends of Arthur and Merlin. ...
I never wanted the world. by NoUsernameKIO
I never wanted the world.by Ki0hN0
Wilbur soot,son of town hero Crow father,is looking for a sertain group of villains for his new story.He wants to know the true thoughts behind the villains lives but fi...