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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Musk of Love (Elon Musk x Me) by elonmuskswaifu
The Musk of Love (Elon Musk x Me)by Mrs. Musk
(PLEASE READ THE LAST CHAPTER!!!) I applied to be Elon Musk's personal assistant. (Meaning I would write stuff down and stuff) He hired me, and I was excited. Ever since...
Riza, of Fairy Tail by Blue_The_Sorceress
Riza, of Fairy Tailby Blue_The_Sorceress
What if there was a wizard in Fairy Tail that was so powerful that not even Makarov knew her true power? Well this story is all about that wizard, Riza. WARNING: I do te...
Elon Musk x Reader by Saarahmsk
Elon Musk x Readerby Sarah
It's my first x reader tbh so don't be too harsh. It's a story about you and Elon. You two meet at a café due a small "accident" of Elon's you will get to talk...
taking over tiktok | Josh Richards by joshandnessa18
taking over tiktok | Josh Richardsby Swayboys
Josh Richards a Tiktok Star. Kaylee Baker the daughter of Kale Baker who is the creator of Tesla. Kaylee doesn't do social media well she has it like any other 15 year o...
You're mine! by AjsWorld
You're mine!by AjsWorld
Rose gets in contact with her old friends David and Natalie. She gets introduces to the VlogSquad and also to Jeff Wittek.... Everything is going great until someone app...
Nikola Tesla x Reader  by DarinkaCano12
Nikola Tesla x Reader by Darinka Cano
Just the title :v
Against All Odds || A SpaceX Story by Kaila_Falcon
Against All Odds || A SpaceX Storyby ↫ Kaila Falcon ↬
[WIP. Occasional, random updates. I'm inconsistent, okay?!] **** Four Novice Astronauts. One Destination. All of Mankind. **** The time has come to make life multiplanet...
Imagines [e.m] by PaupiesStories
Imagines [e.m]by carlos gonzales
A register of one shots and idea I've got about Elon Musk.
He Wasn't My Type by heroheroup3366
He Wasn't My Typeby heroheroup3366
Anne made a tweet that changed her life. One hook-up tweet became the best 6 years of her life. Starting by telling the world their story at 3 years, the adventure she e...
Tough Love (Elon Musk X reader) by Kelly_Kat-246
Tough Love (Elon Musk X reader)by Kelly Kat
It happened so fast. The shots. Detective (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was sent to protect her old friend Elon Musk after he falls victim to a drive-by. What happens when Elon puts the...
The LA Devotees by mothercabzz
The LA Devoteesby mothercabzz
We've all been there. Your wife doesn't satisfy you, you try to vent your frustration, she makes a stupid joke and then you kill her. But what happens when you're a cele...
Sanctuary Drabbles by BotchedExperiment
Sanctuary Drabblesby BotchedExperiment
A collection drabbles for the show Sanctuary
The Honkai Knights Apho version (Honkai Impact Apho x kamen rider zero-one) by WhiteRoseWM
The Honkai Knights Apho version (H...by WhiteRoseWM
In a city called st fountain, it is filled with many formation of red crystals and there are many unknown creatures roaming around the city. The reason and who is behind...
Wait for me,10 more years(Albert x Nikola) by yn_adamdir
Wait for me,10 more years(Albert x...by yn_adamdiraga
"do you promise?" Nikola asked while wiping off the tears running on his cheek,knowing damn well those were his actual last words.Or were they? "always&q...
Daddy Elon Musk Fanfiction  by BiggestNigga
Daddy Elon Musk Fanfiction by Young Musk
Our hero meets with the billionaire on a beautiful summer evening and they go on a date. Eventually they have an intense homosexual relationship and our hero becomes cri...
Elon's Musk by LoatheMail
Elon's Muskby -Aspen-
You are Elon Musk's personal toilet slave. One fateful day, you decide you need to escape your stuffy chamber, and discover that Elon has a secret. He doesn't just want...
❤️Sanctuary Nikola Tesla x reader  book 1💚 by rogueartist4
❤️Sanctuary Nikola Tesla x reader...by Rogueartist4
❤️When soulmates meet💚 When Nikola was walking to the funeral home you run into him with your brother and sister while trying to run from your awful parents and he st...
The Mystic by cjbookbug
The Mysticby cj
'You know how Captain Rogers over there was the world's first superhero? Well, that's not quite true.' The Mystic has had many names over her long, long lifetime, but no...